Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, has described African leaders gullible acceptance of neo liberal policies dumped on our governments and their refusal to develop home grown policies that are capable of making this continent the greatest in all spheres of human development as the reason for the devastated state of economies across all countries of Africa.
This was contained in a solidarity message delivered by the NLC President, Comrade Ayuba Wabba during the 10th Quadriennial Delegates Conference of the Trade Union Congress (Ghana).
According to him the long organisational relationship between NLC and the TUC Ghana which climaxed in the bilateral agreement which was also extended to a trilateral to include the Congress of South African Trade Unions, COSATU, was aimed at building a strong trade union network that is capable of confronting issues arising from global conspiracies against Africans by global institutions that insist they must drive our lives only to their own selfish interests and purposes through policies and programmes that ensure jobs become outsourced fundamentally to increase profits and not to protect the interests of the workers.
Speaking further on the importance of the agreement, Wabba disclosed that it was meant to serve as a machinery which will “compel the governments to stop spending on public institutions and services so as to be sold out to private individuals and multinationals thus, deny our people access to quality and affordable services as a result of high costs of the services; control our governments to entrench bad governance; kill our industries, resulting in high rate of unemployment and export of our best professionals to help grow their economies and systems in Europe and America; and impose their products on us after incapacitating our infrastructures.
Comrades, these are all in the name and under the guise of globalisation and neo liberal economics which the originating countries are already jettisoning.” He said
Accordingly, the NLC President has called on the trade unions to be vigilant and be ready to defend the rights of their people to good governance access to quality education, good health facilities, housing, electricity, jobs and functioning infrastructures developed and maintained with the tax payers money.
“We must consistently oppose the privatisation of the collective assets and interests of our people as well as export of taxes expropriated by foreign companies allowed to operate in our various countries without paying appropriate taxes to the state.
“Our economies have been and remain devastated across all the countries in Africa due mainly to the gullible acceptance of neo liberal policies dumped on our governments who have refused to develop home grown policies that are capable of making this continent the greatest in all spheres of human development.
“Comrades, as we achieved political independence, we are yet to strip ourselves of policy dependence and it is our duty as trade unions to mobilise our people to ensure we assist our governments to break the ice of underdevelopment through consistent campaigns against policies that have impoverished our people while enriching other countries and people in Europe and America; policies that have destroyed our jobs while creating more jobs abroad; policies that have dehumanised our peoples and subverted our economies.
Wabba noted the need for the Labour Centres across West Africa and other sub region to strengthen collective energies and voices together to reactivated the Organisation of Trade Unions of West Africa, OTUWA, with a secretariat located at the PASCHAL BAFYAU LABOUR HOUSE, Abuja, Nigeria.
“With active support and participation of all affiliates, especially strong labour centres like the TUCG, we believe that OTUWA is capable of harnessing our collective energies, resources and commitment to mobilise our people across the sub region to rise in one strong voice against bad governance and all vestiges of neo colonialism in our region. We are capable of assisting our various governments with alternative development agendas that will reposition our countries and region as a model for others.
“All the regional bodies must be reawakened to the reality of our collective responsibility to make the AU work and be people focused. As a continent, Africa is highly resourceful but have been extorted for too long by forces outside the continent who prefer to continue to unilaterally take our resources even in the crudest of all manners without respect to national protocols and interests. Our resources developed Europe and America while we remain underdeveloped.
I reassure you of the commitment of the NLC to everything and anything that will strengthen our unity on all issues, including the advancement and protection of workers’ rights; advancement and entrenchment of democracy and good governance in our region; promotion of industrialisation and job creation; and deepen campaigns for political and economic independence of our various countries. ” He said

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