The Obasogie of Benin kingdom and chairman of Peace and Conflict for the Edo State government, Chief Eduwu Ekhator Obasogie, has denied media reports that there are rumbles in the palace of the Oba.
Obasogie, who belongs to the exclusive class of chiefs in the kingdom, said the rumbles are not to his knowledge and that the Palace is disappointed that the media could carry such sensitive information without investigating or hearing from the parties concerned.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with Nigerian Pilot Sunday the Obasogie stated, “Not to my knowledge. I am not aware. I am hearing it from you,” but admitted that even if there are issues to be resolved, the Palace of the Oba is well structured, well organized and it is functional and effective to activate issues and put things in proper position.
“What rumbles will you expect from the Oba’s Palace? What dispute, what acrimony will you expect from them? There is nowhere you don’t have quarrel even in your house, there is quarrel, there is acrimonies, and there is jealousy. You don’t apportion them to people and start crucifying them. In fairness, the action of the press calls for total condemnation. That’s not investigative journalism. So I will not add to the mess they have done. I won’t comment on it.
“I belong to the executive class of chiefs. I am not here through the Palace for today. I am here as chairman of Peace and Conflict for the Edo government. In fairness, what you people have done already is a conflict and I am not judging them but what the press did, they were being unfair to the monarchical rules of Benin, the norms of Benin culture and tradition.
“What I am saying is that as a formidable newspaper, a carrier of information that goes to the whole nation and beyond, you should be very careful to carry such news even though you hear it, you should be able to balance it up. You should be able to investigate it. Is it right or wrong? That is the truth. You don’t publish gossip.
“Things you have not obviously investigated and found to be correct or even balance it up. The people you have talked about, they are hale and healthy, they are alive. Did they make contribution to you in person, or you just believe on postulation? Postulating around and you are writing, it’s wrong and can take you to court. It’s uncalled for. So I won’t participate. The Oba is healthy and strong. Nothing is wrong with him”, he claimed.
“Such sensitive issues that concern the Benin kingdom would have been investigated properly and counterbalanced in their investigation before going to press but funny enough; the Oba of Benin relies mostly on the media. He is a friend to the press and from time to time he has been calling and continues to invite the press for briefings. One would have expected they would have come into the Palace to find out precisely the state of issues before going to the public.

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