HUNDREDS of aggrieved
students of Benue state
origin from various higher
institutions across the
country, yesterday barricaded
the ever busy Makurdi-Lafia
federal highway for over two
hours protesting the heinous
killing of Benue farmers by
Fulani herdsmen.
The angry students who
convened under the aegis
of Benue State Students’
Movement Against Fulani
Occupation, BSSMAFO,
grounded commercial
activities in the state capital
while the protest lasted.
The students sang war
songs to express their
readiness to fight back and
bore placards some of which
read,”enough of Fulani
killings in our state”, “we
will fight back if the Federal
government fails to act,” “we
cannot be slaves in our own
state,” “Fulani must leave
Benue now” and “Benue state
House of Assembly give us
anti open grazing law now.”
Adducing reason for their
action, Comrade Tarhule
Joshua said, “we decided to
break our silence this morning
over Fulani killings because
we will not continue to watch
while we are being killed in
our mother land without
intervention by the state and
federal governments.
“It is so obvious that while
we gathered we saw the
heavy presence of security
forces in the state. We have all
these security formations in
the state while we are being
attacked on a daily basis.
“We the students believe
that the security agencies
are complacent. It’s so
obvious that immediately
the President returned back
to the country we started
having a resurgence of these
“We are calling on Federal
and State governments to rise
up and stop these killings.
We are calling on the state
Assembly to immediate
pass the anti open grazing
bill before it without further
“We are doing this to pass
a message to the world that
we are tired of these killings.
Enough is enough. If the
government is failing in its
duties to protect the lives and
property of the people we
will rise to the calling.
“It is a damage to our nation
and our generation has been
called upon to do that which
we ought to do. We have
come today believing that an
injury to one is an injury to

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