Governor of Kwara State, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed on Thursday in Ibadan said states governments in the country will continue to go to Abuja cap in hands to beg for oil money unless the country goes back to agriculture.
Alhaji Ahmed noted that there was lot of unemployed graduates today in the Nigeria because the economy of the nation depended of oil instead of agriculture.
The Kwara state governor made the declaration at the Independence Anniversary lecture titled “Nigeria @ 55: The Gains, The Pains, The Prospects” organised by the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Oyo council at Press centre, Iyaganku in Ibadan.
Alhaji Ahmed who spoke through the Kwara state secretary to the state government Alhaji Isiaka Sola Gold emphasised that “Agriculture was the main occupation of Nigerians. In those days, the Northern, South West and South East major occupation was agriculture. Each of the regions concentrated on the production of agriculture products of which they have comparative advantages. Apart from the regions were competing on developmental projects for the betterment of their people.
“This country economy ran into crisis in early 70s, with the oil boom .All the regions forget about agriculture and only await the oil money ,from the monthly allocation from the Federal Government .And this led us to where we found ourselves today where we have many graduates without jobs.
Alhaji Ahmed declared that Nigeria was never a nation if one should critically look at the ways majority of our past leaders had ruled the country. “If you look at the way many of the past leaders had ruled in this country you will agree with me that, Nigeria is not a nation.
“I sincerely believe that you can still remember former President that ruled the country but put his king men in all juicy positions at the detriments of other regions. This and many other behaviours did not portrait us as a nation.”
Alhaji Ahmed also advised the stakeholders in education to look into the country’s education curriculum and introduces courses like entrepreneurship that will assist graduates from our institution employment.
The Kwara state governor also urged the electorate to always enter into public service agreement with the political leaders noted:”you always ask them what they are going to do for you? You should ask them how they are going to get money in prosecuting the projects,” Alhaji Ahmed stated.

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