The Akwa Ibom State chapter of the All Progressive Congress, APC, has described the avalanche of advertorials in major newspapers on the invasion of Government House by officials of Directorate of State Security, DSS, as a distraction and an attempt by the state government to impede investigation.
The party has further accused Governor Udom Emmanuel of double standard as his initial response on the issue was described by him as a storm in a tea cup, wondering why same governor should be sponsoring press conferences and advertorials on the same matter.
Party spokesperson, Mr. Ita Awak wondered why it took the state governor six days to react to the issue, while Governors Ayo Fayose and Olusegun Mimiko of Ekiti and Ondo states respectively reacted on the development less than 24 hours when the incident occurred.
According to him, the action by the state government was a serious ploy to whip up unnecessary sentiments and to curry political support from people on what was clearly a security issue.
“In all these, Mr. Udom Emmanuel remained unseen and unheard until six days after when he told journalists at the Akwa Ibom airport on his arrival from Abuja that the people should remain calm because the
matter which is just a storm in a tea cup is before the President.
“Even as Udom has asked people to remain calm, he is been surreptitiously orchestrating and funding all manner of press conferences and advertorials in national newspapers aimed at
blackmailing, embarrassing and ridiculing both the DSS and the federal government.
“We strongly condemn the initial ambivalence of the Akwa Ibom state government in dealing with this incident and the governor’s clandestine efforts in stoking up sentiments and emotions to curry political support from our people in what is clearly a security issue,” he said.
He noted that, where the DSS officials allegedly searched was not Akwa Ibom state Government House, but a guest house in the Presidential Lodge; adding that, Governor Udom, since May 29th 2015, has not moved into his official residence, that is, the Hilltop Mansion.
“Contrary to wrong impression deliberately created by the PDP, the fact of the matter is that, the DSS officials only visited the Presidential Lodge in Uyo, one of the several guest houses owned by the Akwa Ibom state government. We should state that, at no time throughout the operation did the DSS officials visit the official residence of the governor or his official office or Mr. Udom’s private residence. We should state categorically that at the point in time of the so-called DSS raid, the Presidential Lodge was occupied by Mr. Godswill Obot Akpabio, the former governor.
“In fact, even if the governor’s residence or office was searched by DSS, no law would have been violated. In the case of Akwa Ibom state, it is worth noting that, Udom Emmanuel has not even moved into the official residence of the governor, why then is the governor impeding DSS investigation by creating distractions,” he asked.
He described the ongoing ‘advertorial war’ on the matter as ill-timed as the findings of the DSS is not yet made public, adding that, the exercise may be the handiwork of a group of persons who may be affected by the time the final report by the DSS is made public.

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