As part of its humanitarian efforts, leading telecommunications services provider, Airtel Nigeria, has given assistance to a man, Stanley Okereke, who was struck by an unknown sickness that has left him paralysed amidst serious financial hardship confronting his family.
Okereke, a former driver with an oil & gas company in Lagos, who has been battling for his life for years with several interventions from his family and company, is cash trapped and had no means of getting medication or to constantly keep food on the family’s table.
Worse still, their seven-year-old daughter dropped out of school due to financial challenges.
Moved with pity, Okereke’s neighbour, Mrs. Funmi Samson, a nurse, nominated the Okereke family for the on-going Airtel Touching Lives intervention programme where relief came to the family from the telecommunication company.
To this end, Airtel pledged to provide medical assistance for Mr. Okereke with proper diagnosis and treatment, and also to empower the family with financial capital and equipment to start a catering business.
In a related development, the telco also partnered with Guidance Community Development Foundation to support t build an ultra-modern clinic in Akinbami community, providing access to quality health care services for residents of the village.
For many years, pregnant women in the village had no access to healthcare and antenatal services, thereby increasing the risks of birth complications and deaths.
One of the women in the community who lost her grandchild recently, said, “If there was a hospital within the community, probably my grandchild and many other children who have died in the village would not have died.”
Founder of the group, Adisa Adeniyi Kabiru, who nominated the community had described Akinbami as “one of the worst communities they had ever worked in.”
Similarly, Dr. Aderemi Taiwo, a medical doctor with the group, also noted that the community was in dire need of medical services because preventable diseases and minor ailments keep claiming lives in huge number.

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