Customary Court in Oke- Eda, Akure the Ondo State capital has dissolved a 30 year-old marriage between a 58 year-old-bricklayer and his 45 –year old wife.
The petitioner, Mrs. Bejide Omoniyi, had approached the court seeking for the dissolution of her 30 year-old-marriage, which produced seven children.
She prayed for the dissolution of her union with the respondent on grounds of frequent fighting, constant beating, desertion for eight years and that there is no more love between them.
She told the court that she was tired of the relationship with her husband, accusing him of driving her out of her matrimonial home.
According to her, her husband refused to take good care of the family and abandoned his responsibilities as the head of the home.
“My lord, my husband is fond of beating me. He usually beats me to a state of coma, there was a time he removed my teeth’’
The respondent, Mr. Igbekele Omoniyi denied all his wife’s allegations, saying they were not true.
The man who accused his wife of adulterous lifestyle said he gave his family money as at when due and care for them.
Omoniyi, who urged the court to grant his wife’s request, said he could no longer live under the same roof with his wife, whom he described as a liar.
In her judgment, the President of the Customary Court, Mrs. V.E Oriowo , having listened to both parties, observed that they were not interested in the relationship any longer despite several interventions by the court to see that the parties come together again.
Consequently, she dissolved the union and ordered that both parties should be jointly responsible for the upkeep of the children.
She also granted the petitioner free access to visit her children whenever she wants to see them.
Mrs. Oriowo directed both parties to allow peace to reign while free movement and association of both parties are granted.

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