Nollywood actor, Alexx
Ekubo, has called on the
federal government to make
budgetary provisions for
the nation’s entertainment
industry to improve quality
and attract revenue.
Ekubo made the appeal in
an interview with NAN on
Thursday in Abuja.
“The federal government
should have a specific budget
for entertainment sector every
year, especially movie and
music,” he said.
“They should also believe in
the sectors, because when you
believe in something, you will
definitely support it and want
to see it grow and succeed.
“Hollywood is where it is
today not just because of the
support they get from the
government but corporations
and well-meaning individuals
who believe in entertainment.
“From my own point of view,
the only sectors that are doing
available to us and we will
employ our talents in our protest
against any form of injustice
done to our members until the
world hears us,” he said.
Okoroji, however, said that
COSON was an indivisible
According to him, there is no
crack within COSON as it has
turned out to be a great Nigerian
successful history.
“We are proud to announce
that the COSON House located
in Ikeja and inaugurated in 2017
belongs to the people of the
creative industry.
“We built it without collecting
any loan from any entity. We
built it from our collective
resources. It is our house,” he
said. (NAN)
Tony Okoroji
well in Nigeria today are the
music and movie industries.
“When the sector is supported
yearly with government
budget, support from
corporate organisations and
well-meaning individuals, it
will grow bigger and generate
revenue for the government.”
Ekubo is playing the role of
Zamani in a northern movie,
‘Zero Hour’, that is currently
being shot in Abuja.
He said every movie comes
with peculiar challenges, “even
on this particular one because
we are trying to achieve a
world-class production with
limited funds and we are doing
the best possible”.
Nollywood, he said, would
soon move from the global
ranking as the third largest
movie industry in the world
to second or probably first
“Within the next five years,
I see tremendous support for
the industry; more investors,
corporate bodies sponsoring
production of movies and more
worthy individual supporting
the industry.
“With those, I also believe
will take our ranking to the
next level. However, I am also
working on a couple of projects;
and in due time, I will let the
cats out of the bag,’’ Ekubo

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