Algeria minister of sports, Mohamed Tahmi, has expressed his anger after his country lost the chance to host the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations.
Tahmi said the loss now leaves his country with no other option than to review their relationship with the African football governing body, CAF.
“CAF’s decision shocked us and we can’t accept it till now. Our bid was the best among all but CAF president gave it to Gabon. With all respect to Gabon but that was illogical,” Tahmi said.
“Algeria has treated CAF with all respect in the past years but now I think we will change that. They will see a new face.”
The Algerian Football Federation vice president, Mohamed Meshrani, also “dared anyone” to disclose the voting pattern for the bidding process.
“I dare if anyone can tell us about the number of votes that Gabon had. I have the answer; no one knows that.
“We will not stop here. We will ask CAF how they ignored our offer, till now I can’t believe,” said Meshrani.
Algeria have only played hosted to the AFCON on once in 1990 when they won their only title.
CAF awarded the 2017 edition to Gabon ahead of Algeria and Ghana.

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