Islamic music singer, Monsurat Yusuf, popularly known as Alayo is on the verge of going to jail. The singer, an undergraduate of a higher institution in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, who allegedly killed her boyfriend, Eric Moses, is on the run.
According to a source close to the deceased’s family, the artiste’s attitude since her release on bail is the reason why they are pressing new charges. Monsurat, who allegedly killed her boyfriend during a fight after he brought in another girl to his apartment, has relocated from her former residence and has not met any of the conditions given to her.
The singer spent about two months in police custody, but was later released when the deceased’s family was pressured to settle out of court.
However, some of the conditions given to the artiste before her release were to always appear in court and show remorsefulness by visiting Eric’s family.
Our source, who is close to the family, revealed that immediately Monsurat was left off the hook, she has been nowhere near the deceased’s family house. This action has angered the family that initially soft-pedaled on the case and they now believe that she deliberately killed Eric and now pushes for justice to be done.
“Actually Monsurat’s case remains incomprehensible. The deceased’s family wanted to overlook it, but her attitude has angered them. They now see her action as being deliberate. She has not met any of the conditions and her relocation from where she was residing resulted in the revival of the case,” he said.

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