Executive Secretary, Petroleum Technology Development Fund, PTDF Aminu Ahmed Galadima has said that plans are underway to establish a national coordination centre for Research and Development on Biofuels and other Alternative Energy Sources.
Galadima who made this known during the Peer Review Program for the
2014/2015 cycle on Annual oil and gas research grant competition held
in Abuja recently said that the centre will be domiciled at the National Institute of Petroleum Policy and Strategy, Kaduna.
He appealed to National and International oil companies to cooperate with Nigerian Researchers by providing relevant data, monetary and material assistance and platform to showcase the products of research for sustainable growth and development of the Nigerian economy.
According to him, “this would empower and encourage them to contribute more towards solving specific industry problems and this promote spin-off of industries for rapid job creation and knowledge transfer in the country.”
He also pointed out that the recent discovery of oil in Lagos and the Chad basin has brightened prospects of oil discovery in the Nigerian
sedimentary basin. And it has potential to boost the Nation’s oil reserve.
“In response to the global drive for environment-friendly source of energy, the Fund will sponsor more research on the production of biofuels and biogas from non-edible fruits. Resources have been committed in this area and the result has been positive and encouraging although more work needs to be done. Also efforts are been intensified to have this biofuel production on a commercial scale in the next research cycle.”
Speaking on the event of the day, Galadima said that it was the first stage in peer review process of the researches selected for the fifth series of the highly competitive Research Grant Competition. Six Awardees got the grant which was based essentially on transparency selection procedures and processes established by the Fund. While two awardees were requested to extend their research to the pilot stage in order to improve the integrity and reliability of the products for possible commercialization.
“Three of the six Research Grant awarded in this cycle have shown high prospects of achieving patent certifications. This is a milestoneachievement in the Fund’s drive to fulfill one of its primary mandates of sponsoring researches of relevance for the benefit of the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry in particular and the country at large.”
The Annual Oil and Gas Research Grant Competition is aimed at fulfilling the mandate of the Fund to develop indigenous manpower and domicile oil and gas technology in Nigeria through effective engagement of local researchers in solving petroleum industry problems. Useful research result with high potential for gaining intellectual property rights and patents are key performance indicators of this program. Research outcomes and results are crystallized into various publications as reference materials and repository source of knowledge to the industry, academic and the public.
These researchers are commercially viable and good candidates for
patenting. The Fund has put in place actions to file for intellectual property Rights and Patency at the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investments.
He also said that various research teams have really done excellent works and commended them and the display of exceptional high sense of duty and professionalism in the mist of various challenges experienced in the course of the projects. “We are determined to improve on the previous achievements as adequate mechanisms have been put in place for the award of the 2015/2016 research grant.” He said.

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