LAGOS State Governor
Akinwunmi Ambode has
said that his administration
would prioritise attention to
the Environment, power and
Transportation sectors in the
next two years to drive all round
development of the State.
Governor Ambode, who
spoke during an interview
session with journalists, said
the three sectors are crucial
to driving every other social
infrastructure which the State
Government intends to address
He said, “The last two years,
what we have done is just to
create a foundation of a vision
that drives Lagos to the next 50
years. There is nothing that we
can do in the next two years that
is ever going to be enough.
“There are three things I want
people to watch out for in the
next 12 to 18 months, the issue of
power, the issue of environment
and the sanitation and issue of
transportation. I believe those
three sectors are the key sectors
that can drive every other social
infrastructure that we will be
dealing with in Lagos.”
Ambode said it was pertinent
that the State must strive to be
cleaner and safer not just for
residents alone, but also for
visitors and investors willing to
do business in the State.
“Lagos must get cleaner, safer
and the way people commune
from one place to another and
one thing with Lagos, the more
success you record, the more
people want to come into the
city,” the Governor said.
It would be recalled that
the State Government has
already concluded plans to
commence the Cleaner Lagos
Initiative, a brain child of the
present administration aimed
at improving the environment
to make it cleaner, safer and
healthier for all Lagosians
by promoting a harmonised
and holistic approach to the
challenges; and as a result,
improving operational

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