Gov. Akinwunmi
Ambode of Lagos State
yesterday pledged
his commitment
to expanding the
frontiers of democratic
governance, social
justice and freedom of
the people.
Ambode made
the pledge at a
programme to mark
the 22nd anniversary
of the annulled June
12, 1993 presidential
election, organised by
the State’s Political
and Legislative
Powers Bureau in
collaboration with
June 12 Coalition.
The programme was
entitled ‘Sustainability
of Democratic
Values, the Nigerian
He said that June
12 events symbolised
the patriotic and
nationalistic spirit of
Nigerians as well as the
offshoot of democratic
governance in the
‘’June 12 was the
day Nigerians went
out en masse to
liberate themselves,
to take charge of their
destinies and reclaim
their rights and
privileges as a people.
‘’That day fired up
the hope in the hearts
of Nigerians through
the candidature
of an unrepentant
philanthropist, Chief
Moshood Abiola,” he
He said that ‘’The
outcome of this year’s
election has proven
that the lessons of
June 12, 1993 have
been fruitful and
we shall continue
to nurture and
sustain democratic
governance that will
enhance and empower
the wellbeing of the
‘’We owe it as a duty
to immortalise the
memories of our fallen
compatriots to deepen
our democracy and to
sustain us as a people
of destiny, ‘’ Ambode

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