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AMLSN begs Buhari to restore harmony in health sector



…says rivalry responsible for diseases ravaging Nigerians

Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria, AMLSN, have called on President Muhammadu Buhari to restore peace and harmony in the Nigerian health sector.

National Publicity Secretary of AMLSN, Dr. Casmir Ifeanyi made this plea yesterday in Abuja at a press briefing on the state of disharmony in the health sector.

Ifeanyi commended the president for his efforts at repositioning the health sector but said that he must ensure that the the erstwhile peace and harmony in the health sector is restored as soon as possible.

He said that ASMLSN is concerned that rivalry has lingered in the health sector until now.

“In the beginning it was not so there was peace in the health sector when people were allowed to perform their duties , but what we have now is a situation of a know it all. Until know it all hegemonic mentality is laid to rest Nigerian people will continue to lose.”

“Nigeria raking globally in health is 188 out of 192 countries in the world, that’s very abysmal. We rank second to Somalia. In African continent we rank 52 out of 54 countries. That is very pathetic where people go to seek for health.”

The association further urged President Buhari to distance himself from the Yayale Ahmed Committee on health, which it described as fraudulent and concocted.

The president must distance himself from that report; it should not be transformed into any form, of white paper. If not this would subsist the entire health sector into slavery with one man or one professional group taking charge.

“We want the president to put machinery in place and enough political will. Buhari should throw to the dust bin the Yayale Ahmed Committee Report, because that report is fraudulent, concocted because the team has disowned the report in the presidency. Members of the Committee have come publicly to disown it, saying that is not what is in it. It is not a reflection of what transpired at the committee level.”

Ifeanyi urged operators in the health system to respect the provisions of the parliamentary act and legal framework for establishment of professions, adding that if this is done there would be harmony in the sector.

If you allow me to do what I am licensed to do and not insist that l be subservient to you at your beck and call, then there would be peace and harmony.

Meanwhile, the association has said that rivalry in the health sector is the bane of disease spread among Nigerians.

Ifeanyi further noted that the AMLSN is concerned there is no Cutting Edge for diseases like cancer, Lassa fever and Yellow fever in Nigeria because of rivalry in the health sector.

He lamented that before now Nigeria has had some Nigerian Medical Laboratory Scientists who produced vaccines locally for treatment of these diseases domestically and for export, adding that Lassa fever, cancer and Yellow fever continue to ravage the population without solution.

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