Governor of Ogun
State, Senator Ibikunle
Amosun has urged the
Federal Government to
officially recognise late
Chief MKO Abiola as
the winner of the 1993
presidential election.
The Governor who
spoke during a novelty
match between old
Abiola Babes and All Star
from Ogun State at the
MKO Abiola intentional
stadium in Abeokuta, the
Ogun State capital said
Abiola symbolises all that
democracy represents.
Amosun maintained
that June 12 remains a
very significant day in
the history of not only
the state but beyond the
shores of the country.
He however opined
that the just concluded
presidential election
was a reflection of
what transpired in 1993
He said, “June 12 is a
very significant day not
only in Ogun State really,
it is throughout Nigeria
and I think it even extend
even beyond the sores of
“This was the day
when Nigerians set aside
all their differences and
everybody came out to
agree on one man, and that
man is Chief Moshood
Kashimawo Olawale
Abiola. “He happens to
be from Abeokuta here,
but it is not only us that is
remembering him, it is not
only us that is celebrating
him, all of us in Nigeria
are celebrating him.
“Particularly in the just
concluded election, that is
one election that probably
can be described as the
reflection of what June 12
stands for, we have never
had such kind of election,
People’s power is beyond
what you can think of,
that was demonstrated
March 28 this year, it was even more confirmed June
12, 1993.
“Gradually we will get
there, people now look
back and realise that the
democracy we are talking
about now, that we are
experiencing now, I am
not saying it was only
Abiola that did it but
he, more than anybody
else, of course symbolise
and represents all that
democracy stands for and
he paid the supreme price
for that

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