SINCE the inception of the Buhari administration, the President has demonstrated, amidst unfounded speculations and misguided criticisms, a great sense of responsibility by making frantic efforts at tackling insecurity. It is evident that one cannot achieve good governance in a politically unstable environment going by his military antecedents.
However, President Buhari has displayed a high level of decorum, discipline and maturity by refusing to be distracted by the numerous clamours, debates, scandals, turmoil, bickering and agitations, ranging from National Assembly leadership tussles, to the fund-raising campaigns of some state governors. Every new administration like most companies which are determined to push a new unique product right through the heart of the market usually have teething problems. These problems are actually the paths to its glorious destiny. The question now is: why is the country, after much clamour for “Change”, not working for the collec­tive gains? Well, this question may have its answers pro­vided by the political class.
There is, however, no denying the fact that issues bordering on national security like insurgency be it the Boko Haram attacks, Fulani herdsmen, high rate of armed robbery attacks, spate of kidnaps, cybercrimes, and bank robberies, have had their attendant implications within the sub-regional constituents in Nigeria. Economists believe in the theory of wants, scarcity and choice.
I humbly suggest we all, especially state governors, legislators, policy makers, law enforcement agents, and the citizens should take stock of our pressing needs. We also see eco-friendliness of the environment, peace and security are jointly or complementary products. Unpaid salaries, empty treasury, agitation for new states, increased budget­ary allocations, bailout, uncompleted projects, e.t.c. I believe every agitation should be structured and meticulously referred to the appropriate authorities while everyone goes home to redesign and recreate a new security infrastructure so the nation can achieve the much needed cohesion of its integral security infrastructure. I wish to see a Nigeria of to­day that is proactive, innovative and creative in the area of developing its security apparatus and cater for the welfare of its citizens.
Anambra State since the inception of the present ad­ministration of Chief Willie Obiano has maintained zero-tolerance for insecurity. Moreover, to the layman, security means having a security guard working at some security post. Yes, this can be an aspect of personal security, but it also represents a small patch when all things are considered. Though unperturbed by the last rigorous electioneering campaign that saw the overwhelming acceptance of the entire state, this resulted in the government of the day reclaiming almost all seats and positions in the state House of Assembly. Since then, it has never ceased to conquer new frontiers.
As a seasoned technocrat, Governor Willie Obiano, has chosen his cabinet, thereby putting square pegs in square holes without recourse to familiarity or favouritism. He has also embarked on a multifaceted programme to tackle se­curity bearing in mind the causative factors. This, he has done, by setting up the Anambra Vigilante Group Supervisory Committee. Furthermore, I wish to, however, point out certain grey areas as one who has lived in Anambra State, traveled wide and came back to my community. Anambra State in this era of change is witnessing certain changes in the right direction. And when things change, there should also be a multiplier effect on everything related to it. Anambra is set to explore and produce large deposits of hydrocarbons. The state houses the first ever-private Fluid catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) otherwise known as Refinery. Anambra state has the opportunity now to achieve a well-laid out programme on safe and affordable and economically viable housing development scheme within the regime of the re-engineered (NHF) Mortgage Institutions, in fact, a lot of projects are springing up thanks to the ‘Working Governor’. Recently, my associates and I drove through certain towns, villages, markets spanning much of the length and breadth of the state and I couldn’t hold back a thumbs up for the governor.
I thought about the environment, I was scared of climate change, global warming, carbon emissions, pollution con­trol and management, oil spills, deforestation, flood control and management, gas flares, toxic gathering, liquid and solid waste recycling, independent EIAs, sustainable EMP (Environmental Management Programme) geophysical investigation, proper hydrographic surveys, widal Richter scaling, sound meteorological investigations, well-articulated public health management systems, environmental diagnosis, treatment and management, environmental safety policing. Corporate Social Responsibility, office of the Chief Parasitologist can be a worthy innovation within the ambit of the Ministry of Environment in the state. I was weary of the horrors that accompany environmental mis­management by way of hazards, degradation and several damages to the eco-system.
Be that as it may, we all have consolation in the fact that the leadership of the state has employed the philosophy of ‘Willie is Working’ which translates to if you must be proud to be an Anambrarian, be it here at home, abroad or even in the Diaspora, you must be willing to contribute your quota selflessly. However, if you find yourself in the administra­tion’s cabinet, it becomes a call to duty because you must work since the Governor is also working. Hope came alive once more when at the last Offshore Technology Confer­ence (OTC) held in Houston, Texas, USA, the Anambra State government opened its door to genuine investors in the proposed oil exploration and production activities in the state.
The governor stressed on the need to embrace eco-friendly methodologies. Holistically, all parts of Anambra State just like other states, witnessed one form of environmental challenge or the other, but the Anambra North Sub- Geo political zone may seem to be sitting on a keg of gun powder, yet, this area through a widal survey conducted by some lovers of the environment, show a great viable emerging market economy and an upward trend in urban land values. But we also foresaw sorrows, tears, blood and other threats to life.

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Monwuba, an environmental activist, writes from Awka