Angst over Abia judgment
Comrade Ubani-Gov Ikpeazu

In a clear display of solidarity for their kinsman and Governor, concern indigenes under the auspices of Supreme Council of Ukwa Ungwa Youths have not only rejected the judgment of Justice Okon Abang which sacked Ikpeazu and Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, issuance of Certificate of Return to Uche Ogah a member of the People democratic Party, PDP, in accordance with the judgment but described it as an affront on their existence. So, when Nigerian Pilot tracked down the group’s Director Media and Publicity, Comrade Dannie Ubani recently in Abuja for a chat, he did not mince words in expressing their anger over the court judgment. In an emotion laden voice Comrade Ubani said that the ruling is fraught with glaring instances of contradictions and injustice that are ‘‘highly unacceptable to our people.’’ According to him ‘‘it amounts to asking us the youths of Ukwa Ngwaland who you are and what can you do. Because, the situation where a public servant whose taxes were deducted as and when due before his emoluments were monthly paid to him, is now being said to have evaded paying taxes without inviting the tax authorities. Even when the tax authorities on their own approached the court to state the facts and figures of the matter, they were brazenly refused.’’ Besides, ‘‘Ikpeazu as a person is not an outlawed. He is a Nigerian citizen that is entitled to full protection of Nigerian laws and at the same time liable to comporting himself and his activities within the ambit of the same law. ‘‘Haven said that, I must have to emphasize too that his office as a Governoris also a creation and function of the law, that being the case, he must as of right be allowed to exhaust all his appellate remedies. ‘‘Situation whereby a court of first instance gives an unfavourable judgment to him and you are insisting on enforcing the laws without making recourse to his right of appeal or without upholding his right of appeal tantamount to beating a child and still denying him/her the right to cry.’’ He explained that the full wheel of justice must be allowed to run its full course, also this is a landmark matter which the spokesperson said has the potentials of exposing the internal contradictions and weaknesses inherent in Nigeria’s political system as well as putting the judiciary itself on trial. Therefore, it is not just Dr. Ikpeazu and his mandate that are on trial. The stability and what he described as the shock absorbing system of ‘‘our political system is equally on trial.’’ He recalled that ‘‘what gave the military the impetus in the Babangida-led transition programme was the contradictions inherent in the rulings and judgments by Justice Ekpo Ekpo which ordered the then National Electoral Commission, NEC, against the spirit and contents of the law to postpone the election. ‘‘The same way Justice Abang of the Federal high Court Abuja, did not take recourse to the extant laws which guaranteed Dr. Ikpeazu’s right of appeal. Now, if a Governor, a custodian of sacred mandate of one of the federating units
President Buhari is no longer the President of Nigeria and I should take over. ‘‘Does it mean that if I obtain such a judgment, President Buhari should vacate office for me a person that did not contest an election? This is the height of judicial rascality. ‘‘As a free born of Abia State, as a stakeholder in the Abia project, as Governor Okezie Ikpeazu’s kinsman, I believe whole heartedly that he is eminently qualified. Now, since the court has said he is not qualified, why don’t you allow him to exhaust his appellate capabilities as constitutionally guaranteed.’’ Comrade Ubani Dannie further stated that a situation whereby a judgment is hurriedly delivered and executed even when all appellate proceedings have been fulfilled means that ‘‘ab initio you are working towards a set objective which is not only undemocratic but satanic. ‘’ Meanwhile, Abia State Governor, Okezie Ikpeazu
of the country is brazenly humiliated out of office, based on the rulings and judgments of a court of first instance, it jeopardizes not only the occupants of the various elective positions in Nigeria, but the various offices which they occupy. ‘‘If this dangerous precedent is set, that means one person, perhaps myself can connive with a High Court judge who maybe is from my maternal home to get favourable judgment of court stating that

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