A fan and follower of Anna Ebiere who is believed to be pregnant for Flavour got the pretty girl upset recently on twitter. Suave Anna who was reportedly expelled from a Dubai University where she has been studying following her pregnancy tale was asked if she has given birth after posting a picture of herself and friend showing her new flat tummy.
Anna, instead of answering the simple question, shunned the fan and told her to mind her business which turned the chat into confrontation, and the fan went as far as calling Flavour a tout, but Anna came back for her and told her she has no right to call her boyfriend a tout, because she does not go round calling other people’s boyfriends touts.
The issue started when the fan asked, “Have you put to bed?” and Anna answered, “Why are you so curious? By the way, is it ur business? Please stop acting like others…..it doenst suit u”. Anna’s response must have infuriated the fan who immediately lashed out at the beauty queen, “Am happy hun but just concerned about you, because you should be facing your book not getting pregnant for a thaut, you are still young haba” enraged Anna replied, “Awwww darling….Am glad ur concerned abt me and really appreciate, but dat doesn’t give u the right to call him names cuz I didn’t call ur boyfriend names. Plus u shukd learn not to judge people cuz ur not God. Am living my life am happy! Pregnant or not I love my life! Please don’t show concern wen its not needed,” she fumed.

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