Pastor Tim Omotosho, a 59-year-old Nigerian pastor based in the South African city of Durban is currently on the run from police for allegedly molesting over 30 women in his home – some as young as 14 years old.

The flamboyant preacher, who is originally from Ibadan, came under scrutiny after his church was featured on local television station earlier in the week.

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The programme spoke to women who claimed that they were lured into performing different sexual acts with the pastor.


Durban police have subsequently been looking to question him but he is said to be on the run while also contracting a top defence lawyer to represent him in the event of a court case.

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The attorney, Alwyn Griebenow, is known in his country for defending criminal cases involving alleged murderers and serial killers.

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Tim Omotosho’s ministry, Jesus Dominion International Church is popular among troubled young people and his accusers say he’s been having sex with them under the pretext of rescuing them from drug addiction.