Ace Mathematical Teacher and Sports enthusiast, Dr. Dikeoha Okwu has proposed what he described as ‘Buharimatics’ as n new play style which the present administration to drive the message of anti-corruption to all citizens.

Okwu, an age-long mathematical Guru who spoke to Nigerian Pilot Sports explained that time has come for the government to imbibe into every school Child the idea of using numbers to understand what transpires in the society.
While lamenting the level of moral and academic decadence which has necessitated loss of numerical understanding among many graduates, Okwu particular emphasized that the new game style which he has been able to put together especially for school children.
Demonstrating the way the game could be actually played, the mathematical sage said “We can populize the fight against corruption by ridiculing it. When a particular amount of money is being mentioned that a politician or leader stole, how can a common Nigeria who do not have much idea about number know.
“Relay race is a form of sports, just as other sports like football, taekwondo and others. The rule in this Buharimatics style of play is just for anyone playing it to identify something about what it means for someone to be corrupt.
“Once, People know you are corrupt, everyone will tend to avoid or stigmatize you. I have gone round to find out that most People don’t understand difference in numbers. The game should not just be played just in Nigeria, it should be played in all parts of the world.
“What could be corruption here in Nigeria may not be in other parts of the world. For instance, embezzlement of funds is something predominant in virtually all parts or strata of the world. Already I have developed different stages of this game.”
He also accused some top civil Servants of being deeply involved in corrupt tendencies adding that he has been a victim to various antics used by some Directors especially in Federal Ministry of Education to frustrate his effort geared towards contributing to academic growth in the country.

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