FORMER Vice President Atiku Abubakar has apparently joined forces with leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, in condemning what the latter had described as monumental failure by the party’s national chairman in the conduct of the just concluded governorship primary ahead of the forthcoming Ondo State poll. Observers hold that the development might have widened the cracks in the party which emerged days after the constitution of the President Muhammadu Buhari cabinet. Atiku faulted the decision of Oyegunto to set aside a resolution by APC’s National Working Committee cancelling the Ondo State governorship primary election. He said in a statement yesterday that “since the APC found veritable reasons to review the outcome of the gubernatorial primary election it conducted in Ondo State, and was able to establish valid grounds to cancel that election and call for a fresh one, the decision to deviate from its own resolution is a negation of due process and an unfashionable hollow in democratic best practices.” Atiku’s position is aligned to that of the APC national leader, Bola Tinubu, who called on the party chairman to resign in a scathing statement earlier this week. Atiku, however, did not demand Oyegun’s resignation in his own statement. Tinubu had said, “As party chairman, Oyegun was supposed to protect our internal processes and be an impartial arbiter, a person in whom all had confidence. Instead, he donned the garment of a confident man, duping the National Working Committee, NWC, the party, and INEC in one fell blow. He has robbed APC members in Ondo State of the chance to pick in a fair manner who they believe is the best candidate.” The APC appeals committee on the Ondo primary had voted that the result which returned Rotimi Akeredolu as the candidate of the party should be cancelled and a fresh primary conducted. When the report was tabled before the NWC, it reportedly voted six votes to five in favour of the cancellation, according to Tinubu. However, Oyegun overruled the NWC and submitted Akeredolu’s name as the candidate of the party. Weighing in on the matter, Atiku said it was crucial for the national leadership of the party to live by the rules of internal democracy and respect for democratic consensus. “You cannot break your own rules without creating problems,” he said. According to the former vice president, pretending that a problem doesn’t exist won’t make that problem go away, hence he advised the leadership of the party to do a soul searching and address why this problem arose and escalated. He said that the party leadership should always be guided by respect for the rules, fairness, equity, neutrality and respect for democratic consensus.

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  • sir Oscie

    Well said Atiku.
    The party leadership should always be guided by respect for the rules, fairness, equity, neutrality and respect for democratic consensus or risk the suffered by the erstwhile ruling party(PDP) in 2015.
    A wise man learns from other people mistakes..