Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has described the call by Lagos PDP for the Code of Conduct Tribunal to re-open the case against the National Leader of APC and firmer Lagos governor, Asuwaju Bola Tinubu as the ‘silly rants of frustrated losers.’
In a release in Lagos signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the APC, Joe Igbokwe, the party lambasted Lagos PDP as a spent gathering of losers.
“Let us recall that the erstwhile Jonathan regime and the PDP, gripped with fear of Asiwaju’s redoubtable political strength and capacity, cooked up a hollow charge that Asiwaju maintained foreign accounts while he was governor of Lagos State.
“Nigerians should recall the devilish and very elaborate efforts by the PDP to tarnish the hard earned integrity and reputation of Asiwaju on the belief that their gossips and tittle tattling will arrest Asiwaju’s resolve and capacity to see to the end of the rouge PDP regime in Nigeria.
“We should also recall that the Jonathan and the PDP government went to the extent of cooking up a devilish, dangerous and crooked sallad of lies, forgeries, fabrications and outright falsehood against the Asiwaju and baked it into the infamous evil documentary.
“Let us also recall that all these desperate measures aimed at be smearing the reputation of Asiwaju, the single greatest nightmare of the PDP, did not prevent the massive defeat the PDP suffered in the country last year.
“So pitiable and equally despicable is the Lagos PDP, a collection of disparate free loaders who made noisome boast of taking over Lagos during the last election and which went further to finance an extensive campaign of hate, brigandage and character assassination against their single greatest dread; Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.
“That the PDP failed woefully is not news but that its leaders have been fingered in high profile cases of stealing and looting in the wake of the present anti corruption war such that some of them have fled into ignominious exile.
“That it is building yet another salacious demand for the reopening of a political hatchet case it prosecuted against Asiwaju shows that Lagos PDP seriously needs help for it to overcome the debilitating loss it has continually suffered in Lagos but also the calamity that befell it when it lost its access to the federal treasury that had financed PDP’s flight of folly in Lagos since 1999.
“We advise Lagos PDP to not only quit making silly and senseless demands but concern itself with explaining the roles its leaders played in the ensuing corruption scandals that formed the primary business of the PDP in power. We urge Lagos PDP to stop its silly acts of distraction but warm up to a perpetual night in the cold as the PDP faces extinction in the country by its notorious acts of corruption in the years ahead.

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