Plateau State governor, Simon Lalong, has said that the All Progressives Congress, APC, led administration at the national and state levels would not let citizens of the country down.
He also said Plateau State under an All Progressive Congress led government has regained its reputation as a destination of choice for progressive and for serious engagement on national issues.
“We would not have been in this state of affairs of the economy if the last administration spared a though about the economy, the excesses of that era and the implications for national development “
Gov Lalong stated this yesterday in his opening address at the 4th Progressive Governors Forum, PGF, Policy Design Session, PDS, for APC secretaries to state governments in Jos, the state capital.
The Governor who was represented by the deputy governor, Professor Sonni Tyoden , said in Plateau State , I say that change has come to Plateau and is being institutionalised, “ I am happy to receive you into this atmosphere created by the coming of our government on account of which we have attained a good measure of stability and made reasonable progress if this makes us proud as a state , it also makes us proud flag bearers of the change mantra “.
“ I am also happy because even when the change that we proclaim comes with its difficulties given the years of the locust that preceded our advent, we are encouraged by the faith and resilience of patriotic Nigerians who share in our vision and the genuine concern of our friends and well wishers all over the world”.
“ There is no gainsaying that the APC vision emerged from the rubble of the last administration “indeed in that valley of despair was born our desire to break with the harrowing experiences of the past “. Today, we can say with confidence that we have demonstrated in unmistakeable ways in the states we govern that we listen, we promise and we deliver, where critical areas of need have not received the attention they required in the past, the APC government today counts on the leadership and moral authority of its vision carrier, President Muhammadu Buhari supported by our progressive governors to meet those needs “.
“But the challenge we face today is not only in rebuilding the institutions that failed under a degenerated system, it is also in regaining the trust of a people taken for granted by their leaders.” This is no easy task especially where ingrained habits clash daily with the urgency for renewal and no where can we find the courage to sustain the tempo of change than in when we set our sights on its ultimate goal “.
“In Plateau State, from the series of town hall meetings we had at the beginning of the administration, we were able to assemble a workable blueprint for the change we need in our state. “It was from these constellations of demands and needs that we crystallised our agenda of change which is encapsulated in the people centred document we call the five pillar policy thrust “.
“Before now, this forum could not have held in Jos because of the prevailing threat to peace and security but by giving a sense of belonging to all people, we have restored confidence and trust among all communities and stakeholders in the Plateau project, and provided a basis for peaceful coexistence “. We are also completing some infrastructural projects we inherited from previous administrations , even though Plateau people are not convinced that those who initiated them had no pecuniary considerations , we have pursued their completion to make sure Plateau people get something in return” also the state university Bokkos had the dubious distinction of having had four vice chancellors in its 10 year existence without graduating even a single student, since our coming , we have taken several remedial measures ,resulting in the first set of graduates being mobilised for the compulsory National Youth Service Scheme, NYSC Programme with the university’s first convocation scheduled for November this year “.
Lalong also said “As Secretaries to governments of various states to remain key drivers of the polices by which their governments intend to achieve their goals because you are responsible for designing the framework for these polices, you continue to remain at the controls of what is generally called the engine room of government” .
“ I admonish you in the words of our President to think outside the box as abnormal challenges call for abnormal solutions “ he further added.

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