The lawmaker representing Ivo/Ohaozara/Onicha Federal Constituency of Ebonyi state, Hon. Linus Okorie, has described the emergence of the All Progressives Congress, APC as a mistake in the governance of Nigeria.
Okorie told Nigerian Pilot Sunday that from the current antagonism, hatred, acrimony and disagreement in the party, it would be a miracle for the party to remain together.
The lawmaker stated that APC might end up being a mistake in governance in Nigeria because they were not expecting to win the 2015 general elections.
He explained that leaders of the party were not prepared for governance, adding that the confusion and altercation in the party were enough indication that APC was not destined to stay together.
Okorie predicted that very soon, Nigerians would forget about APC because President Buhari had not demonstrated that he has the capacity to govern the country.
The lawmaker was of the opinion that the first thing the President should have done after his inauguration was to define clear economic, political and security focus, but lamented that such policies were not placed close to two months now.
“From the antagonism, total hatred, acrimony and disagreement in the APC, it will be a miracle if the party remains together. APC may end up being a mistake in governance in Nigeria.
“Maybe they were not expecting to win the election, but suddenly they won and what have we seen thus far? It is crisis all the way. Truly, APC does not seem to be a party destined to stay together.
“Buhari is losing sight of his own capacity to govern. If he keeps digging into debts without building new focus, very soon Nigeria will forget about them and wait for another election.
“Well I believe he has no focus in that regard for governance. So far, he has not shown any focus to govern Nigerian. I do not care if he has appointed ministers or not, the first things that need to be done is to define clear economic, political, social and security focus.
“As we speak, the policies of government are not in place. Even if he has not appointed ministers, he should have his key principal officers, Chief of Staff, SSG and Principal Secretary.
“These are the clearing House of all governance. So for the fact that he has not been able to appoint these key officers shows that there is a terrible confusion in the Presidency and within the party because you cannot function without these people,” Okorie pointed out.
He maintained that the use of private persons to run the affairs of the country was corruption itself.
The lawmaker said having been running for the post of the Presidency since 2003, Buhari should have known people who should fit into his socio-economic blue-print.
Okorie further stressed that the argument that he was taking his time to get the right people was not logical.
On the President’s recent appointments, he emphasised that it did not only negate the spirit of the Federal Character, but also fall short of expectation of a man purportedly elected to rebuild the country and inspire confidence.
According to him, “He is using private people to do government work and that in itself is corruption because any money spent by them cannot be accounted for; any public record that get into their hands could be misused and misplaced and that is even more corruption than somebody dipping his hands into the tile.
“I think that I have every reason to support him in view of the goodwill he came with and I will not criticise him unduly and unjustly, I think he needs to wake up to the responsibility he has been elected to do.
“Don’t forget that 30 years ago, he was the military president, after that he was the chairman of PTF, since 2003, he has been running for president.
“What do you expect from such a man? He should have had clear economic policies of what to do with Nigeria in his fingertips.
“So you do not expect such a man to win election and wait about two months before inauguration and still does not have the policies he is going to pursue.
“The argument that he is taking his time to get the right people is not logical. Since he has been running for President, he does not know which Nigerians can fit into his cabinet or run his economic and financial programme he has in mind, then something must have been wrong. If he had waited for 12 years and he does not know people who will help him run the NNPC, then he is not yet prepared.
“He was the first person that brought NNPC in 1978. I do not agree that he is taking his time; I believe that there is confusion in the party and presidency and they are not prepared for governance.
“The President appointment’s does not tally with the principle of Federal Character and I want to stress that the fact that he is making these appointments oblivious of the need to bring a balance because it is a constitutional provision.
“People are arguing that by appointing two southerners out of six service chiefs, he is trying to strike a balance in all his appointments. But I said he is even putting himself in a tight corner. Because in the whole of the South-East region, out of 17 appointments he has made, not one has come from there.
“One from North Central; two from South-West; one from South-South; the rest are North-East and North-West. That is not the spirit of Federal Character, which is not the expectation of a man purportedly elected to rebuild the country and inspire confidence.
“That is divisive, regional and nepotism in action. He should become conscious of the relevant sections of the constitution.”

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