As the Nigerian economy continues to nose dive, the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, has said the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, may be intellectually bankrupt and not in position to solve myriads of problems confronting the nation.
In a statement by APGA Think-tank, the party lampooned the APC for blaming Nigerians for their woes, insisting that such a strategy is “to hide the APC government’s ineptitude at finding solutions to the country’s problems.”
The statement read: “Nigeria is reeling economically and politically. The APC Government however, seems to demonstrate difficulty on how to move the country forward. The President – Muhammadu Buhari, is busy touring foreign countries for strategies.
“Presently, Nigerians are confronted with irregular electricity supply, fuel shortage, foreign exchange scarcity to import needed staples for economic productivity and progress, inflation, job insecurity, a paucity in developing infrastructure, and civil unrest in given geo-political regions.
“The APC Government has not offered any meaningful panacea to stem these irregularities. Their only solution has been to deny and withdraw campaign promises; blame Jonathan; ask Nigerians to be patient; wait for the effects of ‘body language’; blame the fall in Crude oil prices; turn around and blame Nigerians for creating their own woes; blame endemic corruption in the system; use corruption as a smokescreen to hide the APC government’s ineptitude at finding solutions to the country’s problems; Count on the silent political support of parts of the Nigerian political establishment, as if nothing was administratively amiss and initiate and entrench parochial appointments.
“At the APGA Think-tank we ask, is the APC echelon so intellectually bankrupt that they cannot find firm strategies or, organize a meaningful economic and political conference on the way forward?
Nigeria is too multifarious to be governed from a set script.
“We firmly believe this Government, Nigeria, and Nigerians can and should do better.
“We urge The APC NWC, and the Federal Executive Council (FEC) to get to work finding alternatives. Nigerians will surely abide with their pragmatic resolve to benefit our country.”