Immediate past governor of Plateau State, Senator Jonah Jang has expressed confidence that the election tribunal will help the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to reclaim all its mandate stolen by All Progressives Congress (APC) through rigging of the last general elections.
Senator Jang made the remark in his Du residence Jos during a reception organised by his supporters to celebrate his victory at the election tribunal at the weekend .
Supporters of the former governor had organised a party in his compound awaiting his arrival from Abuja.
Senator Jang who was visibly elated with the reception said, “It is not yet time for us to celebrate because winning my senate election case at the tribunal is not my major concern, it is winning the governorship case that is my concern.
“APC never won the governorship election in Plateau state and PDP was not defeated in that election, the power that be just decided to declare APC as winner, APC never won anything.
“All the party candidates and their supporters were told by INEC to go home and sleep promising they will not declare the results that night. But when everybody were dispersed, the same INEC received directive from somewhere to declare the result by 2 am.
“That was the injustice that was done to PDP in that election, but we are on our knee praying to God to correct the injustice. I won my election as a Senator, APC boasted they will remove me through the tribunal, but when the judgment came, God’s will was done, the tribunal dismissed their case for lacking merit.
“The God that delivered my own judgment will also intervene in the case of governorship, that is the victory I am waiting to celebrate, not this one.
“The APC government in the state has been doing everything to provoke us or intimidate us, but we remain strong and committed to our claim that PDP mandate was stolen, and God on our side, we shall reclaim it,” said Jang.
On the allegation that the former governor is hoarding 25 government vehicles, Senator Jang said, “This is part of the attempt to provoke me and intimidate me, but the truth is, I left with only one Jeep. I handed over everything to them including all government vehicles, yet they say I stole their vehicles.
“In 2007 when I resume office as governor, I never inherited a single vehicle, but I never complained or attacked my predecessor. I carried on. But in this case I did a formal handing over, there are some cars I handed over to him in Abuja and Lagos, they are not talking about that.
“But like I said, I refuse to be intimidated by APC government, they are running a stolen mandate and God will help us reclaim our mandate from them soon,” said Jang.

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