The All Progressives Congress, APC, has capacity to accommodate defectors from other poliical parties.
This was disclosed by the FCT chapter chairman of the party, Alhaji Abdulma Usman, who allayed fears that the party may have to grapple with the unwholesome influences of some of the decampees.
“No, the APC can control every member because we play by the rules. The APC has rules and whoever comes into the party today, irrespective of the person.s’ pedigree will be subjected to the rules of the party. The constitution of the party has rules that govern all activities: those to contest or aspire for any elective office inclusive.
“If all FCT residents want to decamp to the APC they are welcome because the constitution of the party is there to guide and it allows the party to absord defectors. Where defectors can offer their contributions in line with our rules they can do so because APC operates on a level playing ground,” he said stressing that the party will welcome all defectors into fold.
Usman, who appaluded President Muhammadu for taking his time to fix the 16 years of damage done to the system by the PDP government, asserted that the APC was ready for the forthcoming local council elections in the FCT.
“We have advantage in the council polls because Nigerians want to be associated with the centre. So the syndrome of bandwagon effect is in our favour. As the ruling party at the centre, we have that advantage. But we are not relying wholly on that, we are working hard to produce acceptable and credible candidates to contest the council elections,” he said adding that efforts were being made to ensure that only persons rooted in the grassroots and having deep knowledge of the people and area he or she wants to represent will be allowed to fly the flag of the party.
“The election is a grassroots one, meaning that whoever wants to contest must be somebody rooted in the grassroots, known by the people and accepted by the people at the grassroots. We are looking at people who are possibly known to have been born here, probably schooled here and indeed those within the the FCT not outsiders. We will screen them to ensure they are not persons with criminal records and tendency.”
The chairman, who spoke after meeting with the leaders of the 62 wards and party’s chairmen in the six area councils, was of the view that the APC woul sweep off the PDP that had won the majority of councils and wards since 1999.

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