Embattled Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, has come under attack from the All Progressives Congress, APC in his home state, Enugu, over his letter to the international community to intervene in his ongoing forgery trial.
Ekweremadu alongside Senate President Bukola Saraki and two others are facing trial for forgery of Senate rules used for the inauguration of the current (Eight) Senate.
Shortly after their arraignment last week Monday, Ekweremadu wrote to the United Nations, United Kingdom, European Union and United States Congress amongst others alerting them of imminent threat to democracy in the country.
But, addressing a press conference in Enugu, the State Chairman of APC, Dr Ben Nwoye, described Ekweremadu’s letter to the international community as an attempt to cede the country’s sovereignty to foreign nations.
Nwoye equally described the invitation of the Attorney General of Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, by the Senate as unconstitutional, unlawful and an attempt to impede the ongoing judicial process.
The APC Chairman accused the Senate leadership of threatening the sovereignty of the country.
“There is nowhere in the world that lawmakers will invite the international community to intervene in judicial process because somebody is facing trial. It is the norm for all to subject themselves to trial.
“Millions of Nigerians are facing trial. None has written to the international community to intervene. If we allow it, it will truncate our judicial process. It will send a wrong signal out there that the laws of the country do not apply to a particular set of people and that some people are above the law.
“This is an attempt to cede our sovereignty to some foreign nations. Every country has its own laws and they must abide by it” Nwoye said.
He noted that even in the United States of America which we claim to be emulating, some congressmen have been convicted for various offences and jailed and yet none of them wrote to the United Nations, nor appealed to ethnic sentiments as witnessed in the ongoing forgery trial of Nigerian Senate leaders.
Nwoye warned that people must not become outlaws because an APC government is in power in the country, stressing that anybody accused of a crime, must face trial.
“The Senate taking time to call the AGF for bringing charge against them (Ekweremadu and Saraki) is most unconstitutional infringement on the right of the AGF and the rights of citizens of this country. It shows that some people are above the law.
“The charge was based on complaint by some of the Senators. Those charged are innocent until they are proved guilty. There is no basis to evoke ethnic or religious rankle to evade justice. Those charged must face trial and allow judicial process to reign.
“We call on the judge not to be intimidated. The AGF should not be cajoled into appearing before the Senate. The issue of invoking ethnic or tribal sentiments is uncalled for. The APC government is doing everything to put things in other,” Nwoye said.
The APC State Chairman however said they were aware that some people from Enugu State went to the courtroom to chant solidarity songs for an accused person.
“It is most shameful and most disgraceful. We are aware some of them are public servants. We are calling on the Governor to investigate those who were there because they used tax payers money to embark on such shameful trip,” Nwoye said.

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  • vagabonds in power

    This is what he left for the Nation after smuggling Buhari into Aso rock——Hungry Father Exchanged his son for a bag of Rice. Sadly for us Similar stories are happening across the country.

    This is the CHANGE Buhari brought to Nigeria.

    In 1984-1985, Nigerians suffered a similar hardship in the hand of an incompetent and clueless Leader, Muhammadu Buhari. The masses are moaning and mourning over the departure of Jonathan—————-Buhari is cursed to be a curse to Nigerians–Let my people go Sayers the Lord of Host- to the Pharaohs in Abuja!!!!!”But it was fine by the Apes in APC to use foreign media to de-market Jonathan abi?