APC Frustrated, Out of Ideas, Says Taraba Group

Before the 2015 general elections, the All Progressives Congress, APC promised to better the lots of Nigerians socially, economically and otherwise if voted into power. Lo and behold, over one year down the line, instead of the change, what Nigerians have seen so far is nothing but failed and empty promises.
In fact, the federal government under Muhammadu Buhari could be best described as a square peg in a round hole. The government has not only been misfiring, but also has no clue on how to address the economic woes crippling the country.
There has been undue interference by the executive in the activities of the National Assembly. Even the party and leadership of the National Assembly have been in battle of supremacy over who controls what.
Change is the only constant thing in life goes a popular saying. It is a statement of fact that cannot be disputed. No doubt, this was why a good number of Nigerians fell in love with APC when the party came with the change slogan and subsequently voted massively for the party.
In its campaign rallies, Buhari promised to establish a crime squad to combat terrorism, kidnapping, armed robbery, militants, ethno-religious and communal clashes nationwide; working with the National Assembly towards the immediate enactment of a Whistle Blower Act; to build one functional airport in each of the 36 states; end gas flaring and ensuring sales of at least half of gas produce within Nigeria; to speedily pass the much-delayed Petroleum Industry Bill, PIB and ensure that local content issues are fully addressed; establishing at least six new universities of science and technology with satellite campuses in various states; reduce maternal mortality by more than 70%; ensuring timely payment of retirement benefits for all pensioned senior citizens and creating a poverty safety net for all aged citizens above the age of 65; amending the Constitution to require local governments to publish their meeting minutes, service performance data, and items of spending over N10 million; amending the Constitution to remove immunity from prosecution for elected officers in criminal case, among others.
But over year now, Nigerians and indeed the international community are left sighing in disappointment; they are yet to see a visible change. Instead, the leadership of the party is bent on prosecuting one of its own either by hook or by crook.
In view of this, Nigerians are now asking is APC truly All Progressives Change or All Promises Cancelled? Of course, many are yet to come to terms with the manner of change the party is coming with.
Since May 29 the president was sworn-in, the party has not been able to manage its successes, especially at the national level. It has been from one blunder or the other. For instance, the 2016 budget that was replete with errors readily comes to mind. Aside that the budget was smuggled out, doctored and eventually smuggled in, the budget was hurriedly and haphazardly presented which gives enough room for padding.
To many, one year of Buhari’s administration is nothing but a complete failure. In fact, their arguments and grudges have been that their lives and socio-economic welbeing had not improved in the past 13 months Buhari has been in office.
Unfurtunately, in the past one, there is nothing on ground to suggest that there is governance. Buhari and his ministers have not only failed themselves, but also Nigerians. Perhaps, this is why they are in a hurry to forget the past one year of the APC led government because their hopes and expectations of a better country have been dashed.
Going with what has happened in the past one year, it is only natural to say that the future looks bleak and uncertain. For instance, small scale businesses in the country are winding down due to lack of steady power supply. Currently, the country generates less than1400 mega watts of electricity. Experts are of the view that the figure is grossly inadequate for Nigeria with a population of over 180 million people.
Before now, Nigerians were promised that there would be improved electricity; functional refineries; reduction in the price of fuel and creation of three million jobs. Regrettably, the Buhari led government has no clue on how to fulfill these promises.
The government is insisting that it has made giant stride in terms of security, but it is a pity that many people are being hack to death by the so-called Fulani herdsmen across the country today almost unchallenged.
Nigerians still recalled vividly that the APC had during its campaign promised of paying N5000 as monthly stipend to the most vulnerable in the country. But after assuming office, the president has reneged on that promise by saying he would no longer pay the N5000 stipend he promised to unemployed youth in the country. He said it is wise to use a collation of the funds to put up infrastructures and empower them through agriculture than to give out monies.
Shortly after he assumed office, Buhari also claimed that he met an empty treasury, but people are wondering where he got the huge funds he gave most of the states as bailot.
The general impression of this government is that they are quite unprepared and never ready for real governance. Moreover, this is the reason it took Buhari about six months to put his cabinet together.
Already, Nigerians are looking at Buhari’s second year in office with mix feelings. Nevertheless, the president should be reminded that Nigerians are saddened that the price of fuel has not only gone up; the value of Naira has depreciated and cost of living escalated.

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