A RIGHTS group, Human Rights
Writers Association Of Nigeria,
HURIWA, yesterday accused the
Department of State services, DSS;
Nigerian Army and the Nigeria
police force of double standards
and applying sectionalised
enforcement of selective laws over
the quit notice issued to Igbos by
secessionist Northern groups.
In a statement to condemn what
it called ‘deliberately ambiguous’
and highly illogical and deceptive
media statement by the DSS on
Sunday on the threat by Arewa
groups against Igbos to unleash
anarchy against Igbos in Northern
Nigeria should they fail to quit by
October 1st, the Rights group said
the Department of State services
was been clever-by-half by wilfully
abdicating her statutory function to
rein in the renegade Arewa groups
just because the hierarchy of most
security institutions in Nigeria are
of Hausa/Fulani extractions.
“ We condemn absolutely the
failure of all the relevant security
agencies to arrest a group of
Nigerians who did not only apply
hate speeches against Igbos living
in the North but have threaten
to apply extralegal mechanisms
to enforce their illegal expulsion
order should the Igbos resident in
Northern Nigeria States refuse to
vacate by October 1st 2017”.
“We are shocked that the same
DSS and the Army that have so
far applied the fiercest means to
tackle the peaceful agitators for
self determination (IPOB) have
suddenly gone to slumber since the
last ten days that sixteen identifiable Northern youth leaders addressed
a media conference at the Arewa
House Kaduna to categorically call
for the immediate balkanization of
Nigeria along ethnic lines were not
rounded up and prosecuted for high
treason and threat to unleash anarchy
and genocide”.
“But the same DSS was quick
to arrest Mr Nnamdi Kanu of the
Indigenous peoples of Biafra (IPOB)
upon his return to Nigeria from
Britain for preaching exactly the
same positions already canvassed
by the 16 Northern groups. This is
double standards and sectionalism
which stands absolutely condemned
and remains repugnant to good
“We call on the Acting President
to order the immediate arrest of
the 16 Arewa groups’ leaders or
to immediately end the political
persecution of Mr. Nnamdi Kanu
of the Indigenous peoples of
Biafra (IPOB) before justice Binta
Murtallah- Nyako. Any decision
short of arresting and prosecuting
the leaders of these Northern groups
amounts to a grave violations of the
Constitution and also signpost the
elevation of doyble standards in law
enforcement which will inevitably
spark off the end of democracy in
Nigeria. Apart from section 41 (1) of
the constitution which guarantees
freedom of movement and residence
to all citizens all across Nigeria, these
Northern groups openly called for
the division of Nigeria but the DSS is
very okay with this Northern brand
of secessionist tendency but would
be quick to arrest unarmed members
of the Indigenous peoples of Biafra
Criticising the recent media
statement of the DSS for woefully
failing to stem the threats already
issued by Arewa youth against
Igbos in the North, HURIWA said
it’s a big shame that the security
forces are pandering to Ethno-
Religious sentiments favouring the
North because the persons who had
committed the atrocious hate crime
of stoking Ethnic hatred and national
chaos against a section of Nigerians
are from the Hausa/Fulani stocks of
Northern Nigeria which produced 85
percent of the top commanders and
heads of security forces appointed
by President Muhammadu Buharihimself
being Fulani by Ethnic origin
like his top military commanders
against the Federal character principle
of the Constitution.
“Why did the DSS not apply the
same yardstick and/standard of only
cautioning Mr. Nnamdi Kanu against
carrying on with the broadcasting of
the purported hate speeches from
his London based Radio Biafra but
was the same persons who clinically
executed his arrest from a Lagos hotel
and his detention for two years before
he was granted an obnoxious bail
by the Adamawa state born Justice
Binta Murtalah-Nyako? Why is it
that the Army and Police who have
committed horrendous human rights
violations and extralegal executions
of unarmed members of Indigenous
peoples of Biafra (IPOB) have
maintained conspiratorial silence
since the 16 Northern groups issued
a clear threat of violence against Igbos
living in the North?”
“These evil applications of selective
enforcement of the law by the
statutorily created security institutions
in Nigeria will inevitably damage the
integrity and credibility of these vital
institutions because Nigerians and
persons from all over the World are
watching them closely. Let all persons
of good conscience condemn this
outrageous crime against humanity
because for the relevant security
agencies to look the other way whilst
agents of disintegration from the
North are allowed to get away with
the crime of treason and the use of hate
speeches then the essence of setting up
such bodies has been rubbished in a
very spectacular fashion”.
HURIWA recalled that the 16
Northern groups had two weeks ago
addressed a press conference at the
Arewa House Kaduna whereby their
leaders took turn to tongue lash the
Igbos and proceeded to illegally issue
a three months quit notice for Igbos
living in the 19 Northern States to
vacate their Northern base and return
to the South East of Nigeria and for
Northerners in the South East to return
to the North.
“The Northern groups threatened
to apply the use of force to compel
compliance even as the Northern
Elders forum of Alhaji Ango Abdullahi
a former vice chancellor of the Ahmadu
Bello University Zaria backed the
Northern youth groups which issued
the quit notice against Igbos in the
North and warned the security forces
to stay off and never to contemplate
arresting these Northern youths”.
But HURIWA has condemned the
lawless conduct of the DSS and other
security agencies which have so far
cowardly or conspiratorially decided
to allow these treacherous Northern
youth leaders who issued these threats
to get away with their hate crime.

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