THREE armed men at 2am
yesterday attacked the private
residence of the Ebonyi State
Correspondent of National Mirror
Newspaper, Godwin Aliuna, at
Igweokpu Street, close to Nkaliki
Hatchery, Abakaliki.
The hoodlums stabbed Aliuna
severally and attempted to strangle
him to death. They also carted
away items worth thousands of
naira including his HP laptop,
camera, two handsets and N52,000.
Narrating his ordeal, he said he
was sleeping when three armed
men broke his window and gained
entrance into the room.
“The three men, who were with
gun, cutlass and saw, came to
where I was sleeping and ordered
me to put my hands at my back
for them to tie me. I did as they
directed. They beat me up; broke
my head and inflicted injuries on
my eyes. They dragged me into
my toilet and locked me up. They
ransacked my house and took
“They also took my laptop,
two handsets, camera and other
belongings from my wife and
children’s rooms. My wife and
children went to the village and
would return this weekend.
“One of the robbers came back to
the toilet where they locked me up
and asked in pidgin English, “so,
this man, you never die. We think
say you done die? Before they
opened the door at the backyard
and left.
“When they left, I shouted and
my neighbours came and untied
me, at that time it was already 4am.
I reported the matter to the police
and they said I should go and treat
myself which I have done. But I am
not feeling fine”.
The Commissioner of Police,
Titus Lamorde, said the police
would unravel the circumstances
behind the attack.
Reacting, the Chairman,
Correspondents Chapel, Mr.
Jacob Ogodo, condemned the
development and called on
security agencies to bring the
perpetrators to book.

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