The Commissioner of Police, Borno State, Aderemi John Opadokun, has claimed that the Boko Haram insurgents are losing the battle.
The newly appointed commissioner said the terrorist group was now desperately gasping for breath because of the sustained onslaught against them by the combined forces of security agencies and the assistance from neighbouring countries.
The police boss stated this when members of the Correspondent’s Chapel led by its Chairman, Alhaji Abdulkareen Haruna, paid him a courtesy call in his office in Maiduguri.
“We want the general public to know that the insurgents are not winning the battle, they are not in the majority, the law abiding citizens are the majority. So, they should not be afraid. If once in a while there are pockets of attack it does not mean that the insurgents are winning the battle.
“Some members of the public peddle rumour supposedly from Borno State. All sorts of negative things that are discouraging. These stories make the insurgents think that they are winning whereas they are only embarrassing themselves or running helter-skelter As they hate being driven out of their hideouts, they are trying to find a place where they can at least have some food and whatever for survival,” he added.
He also tasked media practitioners on objective information that would give confidence and courage to the public.
“I hope you will endeavour to get the news out to the populace in a way that will give confidence to the generality of law abiding citizens. We expect some patriotism notwithstanding that you are out to report only the facts, Nigeria belongs to all of us and we have nowhere to run to, you can see that some of our neigbhouring countries have already sent our IDPs back. We are too large to run to any country. That is why all of us must ensure that the country is conducive for law abiding citizens and friends,” explained.
He promised prompt confirmation of events to journalists when the need arises and appealed for patience to enable them give accurate facts before going to press.
Earlier, the chairman of the correspondent’s chapel told the commissioner that his team was in his office to welcome him to Borno and solicited for prompt confirmation of happenings to his members to help them meet the deadline of their reports to their various organisations.

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