Indeed, there is no doubt that Nigeria is blessed with vast human and natural resources. But the missing link has always been the absence of focused, patriotic and nationalistic leaders who have the requisite ability to harness the available resources for the benefit of all.
Again, the leaders lack patriotic helpmates that are willing and ready to join hands with them to ensure the realisation of her peoples’ desired goals.
Closely related to the above, is the fact that Nigerians are too much in a hurry to see things happen in the right direction. They are easily discouraged when it is not so. This has often played out when those at the helm of affairs don’t match their words with requisite actions in other to provide at least life bearing dividends of democracy for the people.
In most time, the peoples’ apprehension and frustrations are left unattended to, thus heightening further wretchedness of a famous populace that is blessed with abundance in all human ramifications.
While governments have come and gone since the democratic dispensation again began in 1999, it is imperative to set agenda for the incoming administration of Muhammdau Buhari which is to be inaugurated on May 29.
As he takes charge, we urge him to first and foremost have a clear view of what he wants to pursue and achieve. There is the need for him to identify the very urgent areas of needs to be worked on that will directly impact on the lives of the people.
General Muhammadu Buhari and his team must understand that steady supply of fuel at reasonable price, engagement of the youths in productive ventures, boosting the Agriculture sector and stable delivery of electricity are paramount; these will directly impact on the lives of the people.
Our new President must ensure the availability of petroleum products, fuel, kerosene, Diesel which are commodities that will go a long way in ameliorating the sufferings of Nigerians –commuters and the common-man hence, drive our industries which depend on AGO to run their machines while lasting solutions are made against erratic power supply in the country.
We charge Muhammadu Buhari to revisit the refineries that are comatose with the aim of building new ones. It is an error for Nigeria, one of the world’s leading producers of oil, to continue to import refined petroleum products.
Again, the present administration has done well by introducing several youth empowerment programmes; the incoming government should endeavor to strengthen these programmes and also encourage the youths through various programmes, especially agricultural enterprises. This will de-emphasise the overdependence on oil.
Again, he must fix electricity which is vital in the running of industries, especially the small scale firms which are actually the engine of growth in an economy. Therefore, power supply in the country must be stabilised in such a way that small scale firms will not only be encouraged but foreign investors too can be attracted to the country to explore the vast investment potentials that are available in Nigeria.
In other to be able to meet the yearnings of the people and also fulfill the popular ‘Change’ slogan, Buhari must take his time to prioritise the urgent needs of the people and tackle each of them headlong. Thank God Nigerians already know him as a take-no-nonsense man; this will also make his job of fighting corruption relatively easy.
Finally, as the president-elect takes over the mantle of leadership of the country, it is very important for him to consider the aforementioned and also appoint ‘helpmates’ (a team) that will not only make him succeed in the herculean task ahead of him, but also a think-tank that will set the stage and be role models to Nigeria politicians in particular, and Nigerians in general; This is so as we are in a hurry to see things ‘change’ for the better.

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