elrufai-1Islamic Movement of Nigeria (Shi’ite) yesterday accused the Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, of lending support to the Nigerian Army in the extra-judicial killings of it members.
The Shi’ite sect dismissed el Rufai’s state wide broadcast last Thursday in which he blamed the sect for taking laws into their hands, stating that the governor was anti-Shiite who delights in propaganda against them.
“Going by the concept and tone of the state broadcast on the extra-judicial killing of thousands of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria by the Nigerian Army, delivered by the Kaduna State Governor, Nasir Ahmed El-rufai, it is clear that the governor is more like an extremist anti-Shi’ite governor and not a state governor.
“Although the governor took his time in his speech to elaborate on rights to religion and social association, but he chose to deny only the Shi’ites such rights who he sees as his enemies.
“Clearly, he spent considerable time collecting propaganda details indicting the Movement, which further buttresses the point that the state governor has his hands soiled by the blood spilled in the mass extra-judicial killings perpetrated by the Army,” president of media forum of the sect, Ibrahim Musa, said in a release entitled “That El-Rufai’s phony broadcast.”
The sect dismissed allegation that their centre had no building permit, “ One wonders why if the Kaduna State government felt the Hussainiyah was wrongly erected or breached planning permits, they did not resort to legal action rather than use of brutal force,” he said.
They also expressed shock that the governor alleged that they attempted to forcibly acquire the property of their neighbours and imposing illegal curfew on them. “We challenge the governor to cite one particular case where we forcibly acquired a property, let alone a time when we imposed curfew.”
The sect wondered when it had become illegal for a group to express their religious obligations peacefully as represented by their procession which they said they duly informed the public and “Blocks were only from junction to junction on the roads. The public was informed about these little inconveniences with apologies on public radio and television stations throughout the trek.”
It equally denied that weapons were seized from them during the illegal search of their centre, adding that the made up talk about mosque snatching was just what it was, falsehood.
It therefore, dismissed the proposed panel of enquiry that the governor said will be set up to investigate the remote causes of the Shiite/ Army clash, stating that the governor should have constituted the panel and wait for it to submit its report instead of passing ill-informed judgement on the sect.

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