As Prince Abubakar Audu, the former governor of Kogi state celebrated the victory of his party, the All Progressives Congress, APC at the polls in the just concluded general election in the country at the weekend, a chieftain of the party, Dr Goodman Akwu has advised him to look beyond the state’s government house.
Dr Akwu who is the coordinator of APC Loyalty group in the Middle Belt disclosed this to journalists in Lokoja on Monday, saying that the ex-governor has contributed his quota to the development of the state when he had the opportunity to rule the state twice.
He stressed that Prince Audu’s contemporaries like, Senator (Asiwaju) Bola Tinubu and Dr John Odigie-Oyegun are playing serious role in the politics at the centre currently, wondering why Prince Audu would not emulate these great men and join them to play politics at the federal level where according to him, the real deal juice is.
Stressing that Senator Tinubu has produced two governors in Lagos state and Dr Oyegun who is currently the national chairman of the party have also done well politically, Dr Akwu implored Prince Audu to place himself in the leadership role to equate the achievements of his contemporaries that have placed themselves in a very advantageous position for their people in the present dispensation.
“Prince Audu has invested in material development in the state. His achievements while in office are still talked about in the state, but he has belittled himself as he failed to understand that everything under the sun has its time. The ex-governor should know that his time in the present Kogi is to produce someone to kick off where he had stopped in 2003”, he stressed.
Dr Akwu who claimed to have his ears to the ground all this while said, it pains him, seeing that Prince Audu is still being deceived by his ambition of trying to rule the state, adding that Audu should ponder on why he lost the election of 2003 and subsequent ones despite his great achievement which was even applauded by the opposition party then.

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