The candidate of the All Progressives Congress, (APC) for Kogi State in the November 21 governorship election, Prince Abubakar Audu said he would declare state of emergency in the economic and power sector in the state if given the mandate to rule once again.
Prince Audu, a former governor of the state disclosed this at Alu in Yagba East Local government Area in the West Senatorial District at the weekend while receiving a chieftain of People Democratic Party, PDP, Leke Abijide who defected with over 5,000 of his supporters to APC at the occasion.
While Prince Audu said he would focus on power shift, he said because of the level of decay in the state, he would declare a state of emergency in critical sectors of the state as well as concentrate on ‘Stomach Infrastructure’ in order to bring the people and the state, in general out of “economic quagmire orchestrated by clueless administration of the past”.
According to him, “Let me make my three point agenda known to the people of the state because I want to be held responsible for my word later when I gain power. Firstly I will make sure that power shift becomes sacrosanct. I will be the first governor to change power in the state. I must honour my agreement that, after my full tenure I will ensure power rotation either to Kogi West or Kogi Central.
“Secondly, I will declare state of emergency on the critical sectors of the state especially in the infrastructural sector. Lastly, I will concentrate on ‘stomach Infrastructure”, he said.
He stressed that shortly after he won the APC party primary election, he took a trip outside the country where he said he met with international business organisations, adding that they are “just waiting for me to be sworn-in so that they can come and invest in the critical sector of the state”.
He added that the welfare of the people of the state remained a priority to him, saying, let no one “deceive you; I have nothing but the best interest of the people at heart.”
Elder Leke Abejide who led thousands of other defectors from the PDP said he left the PDP because of their rigidity occasioned by lack of internal democracy.
Elder Leke who was a House of Representatives aspirant in the last PDP primary election said, “there are five reasons why I left the PDP. Foremost of it all is that the PDP is conservative in nature and I am progressive in nature.
“Over the years I have tried to change things within their fold but I have realised that it will not be. After painstaking deliberation with some of my followers and supporters across the three local governments in the area, and some people outside the state, we decided it is best to move to the APC where the real idea behind my joining politics can be realised.
Abejide later called on the people of the state to vote for the APC in the forthcoming governorship election for them to reap the benefit of democracy as visible during his (Audu) first tenure of office in the state, and also as seen in some APC controlled states across the country.
Governor of Jigawa State, Alhaji Abubakar Badaru who was at the occasion to receive the defectors said it was disheartening that despite the level of education of people of the state, it could still be ruled by the PDP that has improvised them.
“I have been in the state for two days now and moved across the state; it is highly disheartening to see the level of infrastructural decay that is visible in the state in spite of the intellectuals that the state can boast of.
“Back in Jigawa, we use to view Kogi people as one of the most educated states in the North but to see this ‘stench’ of infrastructural decay is worrisome; the level of degradation is so sad; Kogi state is at a standstill.
“What is the joy of your education when your rights are still being trampled upon and taken away from you? You must match your education with the best government to show you are actually enlightened”, he said.

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