igbo-womenDespite being conceived to unite the women folk and to address issues of land dispute, marital disputes, family problems, and community development, many now see the popular August Meeting practiced in Igbo land as a period for women to fleece their husbands.
Speaking with Nigerian Pilot Saturday, a cross section of Igbos argued that although the ideals of the meeting are commendable, most women now use it as a means to rip-off their husbands, thereby creating problems in the family.
According to Mr. Valentine Nwachukwu, a married Igbo man living in Abuja, “while I have nothing against the intent and purpose of the founders or initiators of this laudable gathering, over time, its original purpose has been eroded. Women now see it as a period to show off affluence and material prosperity.
“They flaunt financial muscle with reckless abandon, thereby pushing less financially blessed ones amongst them to do very unthinkable things just to meet up.
“Many homes have thus been destroyed, marriages collapsed, because nobody wants to be seen as the least or poorest.”
Another respondent, a trader at the Lugbe international market who does not want her name in print, argued that most women engage in untoward acts during this period just to go with the bandwagon.
“During this period, every woman likes to meet up with others. Nobody wishes to be intimidated other women both the poor and the rich wish to meet up with the fashion of the time.
“During this period, there is problem in the family because all the woman cares about is her looks.
“If her husband cannot provide for her what she wants, she will start to look elsewhere just to satisfy herself thereby causing problems in the house.
“Some women go to the extent of stealing, prostituting, doing all sorts of evil all to meet up with others.
“Others borrow money, cloth, some other things all to meet up, and thereby disgracing their husbands.
“During this period, women compete with each other to know who will wear the best cloth, handbag, shoe, car, earrings, necklace and so on, thereby doing anything to get it by all means especially for those that are contesting for positions,” she argued.
According to the respondents, some women have abandoned their homes or threatened to leave their husbands in a bid to force them to part with money to enable them attend the meetings.
August Meeting or “Nzuko August”, as it is called in Igbo parlance, is the period in the month of August every year, when married Igbo women (called the ‘Otu Alutaradi’) from all over the world throng to their husbands’ villages to meet, discuss and address developmental issues, usually through the women’s groups in the orthodox churches.

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