An aviation stakeholder and managing partner of Belujane Konzult, Mr. Chris Aligbe has called for improvement on the aviation security monitoring systems at the airports by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN Aviation Security, AVSEC and the airlines to check the rising cases of stowaway at our airports.
Aligbe who spoke to Nigerian Pilot noted that Delta Airlines that has witnessed this once in the country has aircraft marshals on board, while for the other airlines like Arik Air, better monitoring by AVSEC, the airlines and other relevant bodies to check this menace.
Close circuit television camera is critical in this aspect, putting them at the foot of the aircraft will be better, though this not the best place to put the CCTV camera, but if need be, it can be put there for effective monitoring, he said
Aligbe stressed the need for the CCTV camera to be expanded into other sensitive areas around the airports and other areas for effective monitoring.
“Aviation security personnel and CCTV camera are needed at our airports for effective monitoring of security situation around the airports including the airlines deploying their own personnel to watch over their aircraft”,Aligbe said.
Commenting also on this, the founder of Centre for Aviation Safety and Research, CAS-R, Engineer Shery Kheyari stated that these incessant stowaways portend great danger for the safety of airport users and airline passengers.
According to him, “this is a dangerous thing that should not be allowed to happen again because if the person can enter the aircraft under carriage compartment, if he has an explosive, he can as well drop in the aircraft, and it will explode while the aircraft is airborne. But unfortunately he is dead and nobody can ascertain his identity to know where he was coming from or going to.”
Eng. Kheyari said this is also not a good development for the country as she prepares for the International Civil Aviation Organisation, ICAO, security audit in June.

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