A leader of Christian Missionary Group, Pastor Mustard Idoko yesterday, advised Christians to study the Bible carefully to avoid misinterpretation of the scriptures.
Pastor Idoko who gave the advice in Abuja, noted that “the scripture does not have double interpretation like what is being witnessed in Christendom today, where different denominations preach with different idiosyncrasies as if it was not for one body that Jesus Christ died for.
Reading from Ephesians 4 verse 11- 3 and John 17:22-23, he said the unity of our faith is not in the Christian Association of Nigerian but in the unity of our knowledge and interpretation of the scripture and doctrine.
According to him, Christianity is about Christ and every Christian must model his or her life after Christ, stressing that it does not matter where the person comes from because we all should be seen to be understudying one man, who is Jesus.
The clergy said, “ the differences and the wall of partition we have in Christendom today is as a result of the way we read and interpret the scripture, we approach the scripture with preconceived ideas and by so doing, we are reading our greed into the creed.“
The pastor said there is no way we will transform the world if the Church is not transformed, adding that we cannot affect the world if there is no unity in our thought, conversation and action.

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