All over the world, cities that serve as either the economic or political capitals most times appear nondescript, while others wear the appearance of glamour and opulence. But by and large, they remain powerful and critical to the existence of such nations. In the affairs of government, the Office of the Secretary to Government is a very powerful and sensitive one and it serves as the hub or better still, engine room of the government.
This piece is not about the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation per se, but about its present occupant, Mr. B. D. Lawal, who has become a subject of ribald criticisms of late.
In life, there are two types of human beings. Out of these however, two stand out most prominently. In the first class are those who appreciate the goodness in others. These individuals look at others through the prism of objectivity, celebrating them when occasion demands and criticizing where there is the need to do so. Their criticism is usually informed and unbiased. These are those referred to by philosophers as great men and women.
Conversely, at the other side of the coin are human beings that hardly see anything good in others. To this group of myopic individuals, the world begins and ends within their tiny and narrow horizon. Often shallow-minded in their perception of events, there is the tendency for them to find fault even when none exists.
This ugly phenomenon is known in local parlance as PHD. Do not be deceived. The three letter initials do not stand for academic title, Doctor of Philosophy. Far from it! It simply means Pull Him Down, a cruel disposition targeted at celebrated achievers. This class of people is essentially unprincipled, seeking out to distract hard working men and women from their noble goals.
Sadly, this later group of characters has found a ‘safe’ haven in the OSGF to ply their ignoble trade, targeting Babachir David Lawal in person. Since he was appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari into that sensitive office, opposition has surprisingly come allegedly from some dubious officials of Adamawa state government, led by Governor Bindow Jibrilla who are piqued by Babachir’s meteoric rise to such a high profile office.
In their wicked attempt to puncture the chummy relationship between President Buhari and his protégé, B. D. Lawal, lies have been told and even orchestrated that the SGF collects bribes from some organizations, an allegation his accusers have not been able to prove through categorical mentioning of the organizations that the SGF collected the phantom bribes from.
It would be recalled that immediately the 2015 general elections came to an end and when it became obvious that Babachir would be appointed as the SGF, some bad losers, including members of the APC, went underground and surreptitiously worked against such appointment, an unholy battle they lost with ignominy. Since then, they have gone on the offensive, sponsoring all manner of wicked publications against this illustrious son of Adamawa. How sad!
This unwarranted attack against this humble man with a sizeable proportion of God’s grace stemmed from the misplaced angst of some of these desperate elements, who are obviously not comfortable with the chummy relationship existing between Babachir and his principal, President Buhari.
It has also been revealed that these elements are up in arms against the SGF ostensibly because of his humble background and his Christian faith, which they consider as not strong enough to have earned him such a sensitive position. When you also factor in the politics of 2019, one will not be far off the mark to decipher the level of hate driving their morbid fear for the SGF.
In their political permutation ahead of the 2019 elections, they believe rather erroneously that with Babachir Lawal occupying such a high profile office of SGF, some of them like Gov. Bindow have concluded that they don’t stand a dog’s chance of securing a second term in office. How they arrived at such illogical conclusion beggars belief. It is rather sad to note that Governor Bindow has allowed this seemingly war of attrition against Babachir his fellow party man from the same state to becloud his sense of reasoning so much so that governance has come to a virtual standstill in the state.
It is on this erroneous stance that they have perfected wicked plans to work assiduously towards removing an innocent man like Babachir from office. How they intend to achieve this evil enterprise remains within the realm of conjecture. What is however immutable and of pivotal importance is that as these harbingers of wickedness go about their evil mission day and night, B. D. Lawal, a strong believer in God’s ability to deliver those who trust in Him, goes about his official assignment unperturbed and with the single-mindedness of purpose like his boss, President Buhari.
It is however gladdening to note that as this anti-Babachir madness allegedly sponsored by Governor Bindow and his rampaging choristers rages on, President Buhari, who has implicit confidence in the SGF, has expectedly ignored this huge distraction aimed at derailing his administration.

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Innocent Alhamdu is a public affairs analyst based in Abuja.