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Bakers threaten to increase bread prices



Bakers have threatened to increase bread prices following the continuous rise in prices of baking ingredients.

Premium Breadmakers Association of Nigeria, PBAN, and the Association of Master Bakers and Caterers of Nigeria, AMBCN, gave this warning yesterday at a press conference in Lagos.

President, PBAN, TosanJemide, complained that businesses had become comatose due to the incessant increase in the prices of baking ingredients and that there was no longer profit to be made from it.

He noted that in the last six months, the prices of flour, sugar and other baking ingredients had skyrocketed without a corresponding increase in the prices of bread by member bakeries.

According to Jemide, “we have been busy helping them remain profitable while our businesses suffer, because we are more in tune with the purchasing power of the consumer and are deeply concerned about food security.

“PBAN and AMBCN shall no longer take seats and watch such blatant increases in prices going forward. We shall react with equal price increases or stiff resistance.”

Jemide appealed to government to intervene in the rising cost by prevailing on sellers and imploring millers to put a stop to the incessant increment of the prices of commodities.

He also called on President Muhammadu Buhari to help the industry by relying on the millers or supporting them in whatever way they could to help manufacturers and distributors with FOREX.

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