European Union’s banking watchdog will move from London to another European capital if Britain decides to quit the bloc in a referendum, its chairman said.
Britain votes on June 23 on whether to stay in the 28-member bloc, a choice with far-reaching consequences for politics, the economy, defense and diplomacy on the continent.
The London-based EBA, founded in 2011 as a reaction to the global financial crisis, operates as a pan-EU regulator, writing and coordinating banking rules across the bloc.
“If the British should decide to leave the EU, we actually would have to move to another European capital,” Andrea Enria, head of the European Banking Authority EBA, told the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag.
While betting odds have consistently indicated a vote to remain in the EU, opinion pollsters have so far painted contradictory pictures of how Britons will vote.
The EBA is currently working on an EU single rulebook aimed at ensuring a level playing field for all banks across the 28-country bloc’s capital market.

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