Aleix Vidal says signing for Barcelona  is a “dream come true” and insists he has no problem with having to wait until January to make his debut.

The winger, who spent one year in the Barca youth system as an 11-year-old, was unveiled to the media on Monday after joining from Sevilla.

However, Barca’s transfer ban means they cannot complete registrations and field new players until January 2016, so he will have to wait months before he can play his first game.

The 25-year-old, who is expected to play as a full-back at Barca, says he is happy to take the time to adapt to his new surroundings as he prepares for his debut.

“After the birth of my daughter, this is the most important day of my life. I’m back at what used to be my home. If it’s the start of a winning cycle then so much the better.

“When I realised it was going to happen, I didn’t think it would be a problem being out until January. Positives come with that – I can concentrate on getting ready for where I’m going to play.

“It was a very clear decision that I made to come to this club. The time out is going to be useful for me to improve specific elements of playing in a position that’s still relatively new to me.

“I only played my first games at full-back last season, but it’s up to the manager where I play.”

Vidal, who played for Espanyol B, Gimnastic, Mallorca B and Almeria amongst others before joining Sevilla last season and winning the Europa League, admitted that he did not know he would be joining Luis Enrique’s side until the day before his unveiling and hopes that Dani Alves will remain at the club.

“I’ve been focused now on playing with the national team but then this opportunity came up very quickly. It was only Sunday afternoon that I found out the two parties had decided and I had to get straight on a plane to come here.

“I’ve come back to what was my home for a year. Since I was very young, I had to move from club to club on my quest to become a pro. All those different experiences were useful though.

“It hasn’t really sunk in yet. This year I played eight or nine games as a full back and we didn’t lose any of them. Including in the Europa League semi final, where I scored a goal.

“One of the keys to playing in a team like this is you’re going to have lots of competition for places. If Dani stays, then it’s wonderful, but it’s not for me to comment. It would be great for him to stay here.

“I don’t feel pressure about competing against one of the best full-backs in the world. I think it’s a challenge. I’m relaxed. I know what I can do and contribute and if Alves stays, then the competition will be excellent for him and for me.

“It’s not my position that I’ve always played in. I think there are certain things that can always be improved, but that’s why it’s nice that I’ve got months to work on those aspects of my game.”

Despite winning a domestic and European treble, Luis Enrique says his future at Barca remains uncertain, but Vidal believes he will still be in charge when the new season comes around.

“I had an opportunity to speak to Luis Enrique after my medical. I assume he will be the manager next season. I don’t think the speculation around it will be a problem for me.”