HUNDREDS of civil servants
in Bauchi State over the
weekend staged a protest
for the payment of their four
months salaries.
The protesters moved from
Games Village, the venue of
the documentation of those
verified but were not paid, to
the Government House.
The protesters carrying leaves
demanded the immediate
payment of their four months
salaries, from January to April
this year, and called for the
cancellation of the verification
exercise that has put them into
this difficulty.
Reacting to the civil
servants’ protest, the member
representing Misau, Dambam
federal constituency, Hon
Ahmed Yerima has blamed
the state governor, accusing
him of “running an exclusive
government” in the state.
He noted that such action
was a bad signal to the ruling
party in the state and called on
the governor to bring all party
stakeholders together to proffer
solution to the matter.
“Where government is
no longer a government
of inclusive but exclusive,
government where people have
no voice, a government of one
man show, so we are about to
confront this type of situation;
but I don’t think we in the
APC will allow government to
be running this way. Whether
they like it or not, they have
to change it and get the proper
position of accountability.”
He further observed that
there was need for government
to always respect the views of
the people, saying that those
workers that staged a protest
to show their anger over nonpayment
of their salaries were
not just an opposing certain
individuals but opposing
“There are people who
worked for this country for
over 35 years and above and
had been receiving their
pensions over those years
but unfortunately, since the
inception of this administration
they were unable to access
their pensions, including
local government staff, state
government staff and teachers
who could not receive their
salaries and benefits. What the
government has been talking
about is verification. Don’t
forget about two years ago
Yuguda’s administration did
a similar thing so also in a
couple of four to five months
similar series of unproductive
verification has started again,”
he added.
He also stated that if the
governor had reason for
verification, he should copy the
system of either Yobe or Kaduna
States where there was ongoing
verification and salaries were
not stopped, warning that APC
might not win Bauchi State
in the next election with the
current happenings in the state.
However, in a swift reaction,
the publicity secretary of
the APC in the state, Alhaji
Auwal Ali Jalla dismissed
the accusation, saying it was
unfortunate for a real and
genuine APC member to utter
this statement against the party
leadership and the present
administration in the state.
Jalla said Ahmed, whom his
constituency and the party
leadership don’t have access
to, was just a case of pot
calling cattle black

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