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APC, Saraki at war…Party mocks Senate President over loss at PDP presidential primary

Change is desirable but the undesirable APC change has chained all Nigerians to their injury. That is why millions of Nigerians were in ecstatic state over the victory of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and his resolve to save Nigerian from the wobbling and rudderless APC ship.

Hear him: “I am ready to fight anti-democratic forces. If you remember, I can fight and face anyone. I was in the vanguard of fighting the military. Although, many lives were lost, we were successful. I AM READY TO CHANGE THE CHANGE.”

In fact, facts abound that from 1999 to 2015, Nigerians enjoyed PDP uninterrupted breath of fresh air in all aspects of life. Nigerians had the enabling environment and opportunities to live and walk tall both at home and abroad. We did not die unsung in the Sahara desert, enslaved by Arabs nor consumed by the stormy Mediterranean Sea. Despite unforeseen vicious opposition propaganda, PDP worked round the clock to deliver the electoral promises that put food on the table of Nigerian voters.

Today, things have fallen apart and the centre can no longer hold. After three years, everything has gone comatose. Change has chained everybody. According to leaked El-Rufai memo, APC is a total failure. Excerpts: “Our APC administration has not only failed to manage expectations of a populace that expected overnight ‘change’ but has failed to deliver even mundane matters of governance .. The feeling even among our supporters today is that the APC government is not doing well.”

Today, APC’s crisis ridden government has turned Nigeria to a Hobbesian state of nature where life seemed solitary, brutish, nasty and short, or ancient Carthage or Siberia which is synonymous with abandonment, desertion, confinement, loneliness, sadness and suffering. Their chaotic change has chanced Nigerians to stand between the devil and the deep blue sea. With due apologies to Dino Melaye, with APC, it is scatter-scatter and jaga-jaga everywhere. We have moved from PDP’s fresh air to APC’s breathe of furious fire.

With the collapse of the social contract between the ruled and the ruler, millions of Nigerian voters are ravaged, castrated, frustrated and left utterly naked by abject poverty. Nigeria is presently the poverty capital of the entire world. While India with almost two billion people has only 67 million poor people, Nigeria’s150 million population has about 87 million extreme poor which is increasing by five persons per minute under APC.

In order to escape abject poverty, many are castrated into suicidal syndrome and scavenging in the dustbin. Unwholesome human indignities like lack of adequate food, hunger, drugs, good water, shelter, education, health, etc pervade everywhere. Instead of anti-corruption, we are faced with selective or coded corruption via re-looting that resulted in Mainagate, Duaragate, Babachirgate, Kyarigate, Adeosugate, Oblagate, Shittugate, Osungate or snakes and monkeys swallowing Naira and Dollars.

Instead of employment, we have unemployment. Youth unemployment has grown to 80 million. Instead of security, we now have insecurity via quit notices, herdsmen invasions, cultism, gangsterism, protests, riots, strikes, suicide, kidnapping, intimidation,militancy and secessionist threats from Boko Haram, MASSOB/IPOB, AVENGERS, Oduduwa groups, etc. The land is further plagued by nepotism, despotism, tribalism, persecutions, certificate scam, hate speech, propaganda, lies, mudslinging, detention, prostitution, brain drain, slavery, human trafficking, disobedience of court orders, invasion of legislative and judicial arms of government. We are no more looked upon as giant of Africa but as a pariah borrower nation with one of the lowest per capita income in sub-Saharan Africa. This has resulted in derisive diatribe by foreign leaders that we are fantastically corrupt, have a lifeless president, a shithole, etc.

At home it is that youths are lazy, Nigerians are thieves or women are for the kitchen or other rooms. What a shame! That is why Nigerians are ecstatic that Atiku Abubakar, an experienced, detribalised, nationalistic and patriotic leader and man of the people emerged as PDP candidate to rescue them before they all die. It was a day Nigerians were hilarious like the day the dream team won Atlanta Olympic soccer gold medal.

Turaki, remember that Nigerians are tired of the APC propelled state of anomie, near anarchy and government shut down. The people cannot afford another four years of unending APC misrule. Note that if Nigerians don’t stop APC in 2019, their despotic, nepotic and clannish government will destroy Nigeria forever. Now that you have resolved to provide the able leadership that will rescue Nigeria from abyss, the people will stand strongly behind you as the rock of Gibralter. Your enviable legacies and past antecedents have shown that you possess the requisite qualities to safely steer and berth the wobbling Nigerian ship unto the sea shore.

As a tested and trusted politician who has proved his mettle as a voice of the voiceless and indefeasible defender of their inalienable rights irrespective of political and religious affiliations, they still remember how you fought the military to enthrone democratic rule; fought corruption as a patriotic Custom officer at Murtala Mohammed Airport; aided the emergence of MKO Abiola as SDP presidential candidate; prudently managed the economy during PDP government from 1999 to 2007; stood firm against third term to prevent dictatorship and enthrone durable democracy.

We hope that you will, as before, adopt your intellectual sagacity and political structure nationwide to mobilise all patriotic politicians to save the future of Nigeria.

*Elvis Eze, author and guest writer, can be reached on 08034052013 & 09080844400

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