AREWA Youth Consultative
Forum (AYCF) has
expressed anger at President
Muhammadu Buhari ’s
treatment of killer herdsmen.
The group said it was
disturbed that Buhari has yet
to declare the perpetrators
terrorist s.
AYCF’s position is
contained in a statement by
Comrade Mohammed Kudu
Abubakar, Deputy National
President .
Abubakar lamented that
the President has kept silent
for long despite calls on him
to take proactive actions in
curbing the excesses of Fulani
He reiterated that the
herdsmen should be regarded
as terrorist s and dealt with in
line with the law .
“A criminal is a criminal;
they are terrorists and have
to be dealt with regarding
whether they are from any
” The president should
follow the constitution and
deal with them accordingly.
The killing is very criminal
and the herdsmen should not
go unpunished ”, he said.
Abubakar also demanded
that a committee is set up to
investigate how herdsmen
evolved from nomads into
gun-wielding cattle rearers.
“The federal government
has to make a panel to
investigate who these
herdsmen are and why they
behave the way they do.
” We need to ask where
they get the guns they used
in the killing and where they
learned how to shoot guns”,
he added .
On the Anti-Open Grazing
Bill (effective in Benue and
Ekiti states) which Miyetti
Allah Cattle Breeders
Association of Nigerian
(MACBAN) opposed,
Abubakar agreed that each
state has the right to pass a
law that will protect it.
“If Benue State comes
out with the law through
its National Assembly and
bars movement of Fulani
herdsmen, they have the
right to do so. It is their state,
that is how they want to stay
and there is nothing wrong in
” They (herdsmen) should
move away from the
state rather than forcing
themselves and be causing
trouble because a lot of lives
are going down,” he added.

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