Evil forces trying to smuggle open grazing through back door

COALITION of socio-cultural organisations in Benue State has come down heavily on the coalition of northern groups for calling for a state of emergency to be declared in Benue and a few other states where herdsmen are killing farmers, saying “if they think because they have the executive, if they think they have the president and can do what they like, we will oppose it with the last drop of our blood.
“The group does not cover the entire north, it is a lawless group like Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, as far as we are concerned they are terrorists”.
Addressing newsmen in Makurdi, yesterday, spokesman of the Coalition of Mdzough u Tiv, Idoma National Forum and Omi N’Igede, Chief Edwin Ujege, described the call for a state of emergency as unilateral, tribalistic, one-sided and undemocratic.
Chief Ujege said the so called coalition is calling for a state of emergency because they have their brother as head of the executive government, and added that the manner that the constitution is crafted does not support their desire.
“We are not surprised that they are calling for a state of emergency, it is because they have government now, so they can say anything they want, but I want to say something, the constitution as it is formed does not allow for a state of emergency.
“There are ways and processes you can use to remove a governor or legislature. So, the call they are making on the federal government that they control is illegal, I don’t think the president will accept that kind of illegality.
“If there is anybody that should be removed, it is President Muhammadu Buhari, the Inspector-General of Police, IGP, and the minister of defence; these are the people who have failed in their constitutional duties.
“The crisis in Benue is simple, straight forward and does not require a state of emergency.
“It is the case of herdsmen attacking farmers, the anti open grazing law was made through the House of Assembly for the good governance of the state and was signed by the governor.
Ujege lamented that the IGP has refused to arrest the leaders of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, whom he said have continued to use their operatives to kill farmers and security agents.
He said there is no going back on the anti open grazing law “it has come to stay, we will protect it with our blood, even if the federal government fails to assist us.”
Ujege, who also described the stand of the northern coalition against state police as illogical, said the United States of America which Nigeria is copying its democracy practices not only state, but local government policing.
He praised security agents for doing a good job, with some sacrificing their lives, but stressed that “you know when the head is rotten the rest of the body cannot be good.”

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