Sequel to the announcement of a strike action planned by Benue State Chapter of the Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, some workers under the aegis of Benue Aggrieved Workers have distanced themselves from the impending strike.
The workers who have labelled the strike as self serving, in a press release signed by their leader, Bar. Hundu Emmanuel and made available to our reporter, said the strike organised by Comr. Simon Anchaver was illegal and called on all Benue workers to boycott the strike action.
According to Bar. Hundu, Anchaver had lost all constitutional and moral rights to call a strike or even lead the NLC, having resigned and left for partisan politics and according to the constitution of the union, had since ceased being even a member of the union.
“I wonder under what authority an Anchaver will summon labour in the state? He ceased being a member of the union the day he joined partisan politics to contest for governor. How then does a politician tell us what to do? This is just another ploy hatched by him and his chief strategist, the oldest union secretary in the state, Shima or Joseph to get their last 30 pieces of silver before this administration bows out,” he averred.
The aggrieved workers further stated that their major grouse with the strike action was the fact that “like all other industrial actions embarked upon during Anchaver’s tenure, this was another scheme to get more money from the state government using the workers as bargaining chip.”
Meanwhile the group has said it will stop at nothing to subvert all efforts by the present state council to organise any phony strike aimed at enriching certain individuals and also called on the Anchaver to take the honourable way out by taking his hands off labour matters in the state as he is not one of them.