Beyonce, has been named the
most influential celebrity, with
her Instagram posts worth $1
million each, on a photo-sharing
website by D’Marie Analytics.
According to, the
star’s value was determined
using an algorithm that measures
56 metrics across Facebook,
Twitter and Instagram.
Those metrics did include the
followers count, but they also
encompassed reach, engagement,
click-through, and action
Frank Spadafora, chief executive of D’Marie, said
Beyonce’s “limited” use of social
media had boosted her earning
“Her limited release of
exclusive curated content causes
such frenzy from her audience,”
he said.
Beyonce’s popularity was
evidenced earlier this year
when she took to Instagram to
announce she is expecting twins.
The post attracted 6,335,571
‘likes’ within eight hours and
subsequently broke the record
for the most-liked image on the
website. Beyonce’s snap of her cradling
her baby bump overtook the
previous record of Selena Gomez.
Gomez achieved 6.6 million
‘likes’ from her 116 million
followers in response to a picture
of her sipping from a Coca-Cola
She has been named as the
second most influential celebrity
on social media, with her posts
estimated to be worth 775,000
Dollars each across Twitter,
Instagram and Facebook.
Despite this, Gomez recently
admitted her “addiction” to
Instagram made her feel awful.

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