boko-haramFRENCH Businessman, Tiecoro Diakite has
warned President Mohammadu Buhari to
beware of France and her overtures to help
Nigeria end the fight against Boko Haram.
Diakite, who is originally from Mali,
warned that the real goals and objectives
of France and President Francois Holland
in Africa is rooted in neo-colonialism and
greed, stressing that France has often backed
corrupt leaders in Africa, insisting that the
current romance between France and Nigeria
has a lot of hidden agenda.
Diakite’s advice was contained in an open
letter he wrote to President Buhari, and
published on
The full text of Diakite’s letter is translated
from French below:
“Dear Mr. President! The majority of
Africans greeted your election to the Supreme
post of Nigeria. The Federation of Nigeria,
the largest truly independent African country
is the matter of pride and dignity of African
people. Your predecessor had relegated
Nigeria to the level of Francophone African
countries under neo-colonialist French rule
with such domination tools as the French
army and the CFA franc [currency used in
Africa guaranteed by the French treasury].
“After more than fifty years of formal
independence, Francophone Africa
remained under French rule. Except for the
reigns of [Guinean] President Sekou Toure,
[Malian president] Modibo Keita and [the
president of Burkina Faso] Thomas Sankar,
Francophone Africa has seen only “virtual
“The Federation of Nigeria which fought
to preserve its territorial integrity and its
position vis-à-vis sovereignty of the colonial
powers must avoid any allegiance to France,
which has tried once to destroy its unity by
supporting the secession of Biafra. Nigerians
should bear in mind the detrimental policy
that France pursues in the Sub-Saharan
“In the war against Boko Haram, France
is positioned as saviour of Nigeria and its
neighbours by inviting you and its neocolonialist
lackeys to the meeting in Paris.
Why in Paris? Why not in Africa? France
despises the African people and supports the
corrupt presidents and stateless persons.
“Its military intervention in Mali which
France seems to be proud of, has served
and serves only its neo-colonial interests
(uranium in Niger, protecting French
“Accordingly, you should not be fooled,
when France manifests its concern in the
fight against Boko Haram. The French
intervention in Mali is becoming a nightmare
for the country. Given the actions of France
in this political and military crisis [in Mali],
peace is not forthcoming in this country.
“France’s intervention in the Nigerian will
bring nothing positive in that country, on the
contrary, it will only serve to stir up hatred
between ethnic groups in Nigeria. Divide
and conquer has always been the policy of
France in Africa.
He alleged that France has not enough
military power to be able to provide the
sustainable resolution of the armed conflict,
stating that the only thing France is good
at is adding fuel to the fire as seen in Syria
and as we have seen in the Western-Iranian
negotiations. The Nigerian and African
people ask you not to get involved in the
French political game that will only tarnish
your presidential image and the patriotic
feelings which the Nigerian people credited
to you.

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